Frequently Asked Moving Questions

From "how much to tip movers" to "how much do movers cost," we have assembled several of our customer's most frequently asked inquiries below.

How Much Do Movers Cost?

Our all-inclusive, no-surprise pricing model is in our name! Our pricing is based on your inventory. Factors such as furniture size, the number of large items you have and the level of item fragility all play roles in determining moving costs. The estimate our Relocation Consultant gives you will be the price you pay as long as your inventory stays the same. Should your inventory change, you must let us know at least two days in advance of your move. The price will be adjusted upfront, so again, there will be no surprises.

What Is Flat Rate Pricing?

Flat rate pricing charges one fee for the entire move. We factor in fuel costs, truck depreciation, inventory list, and the value of your possessions. FlatRate avoids hourly pricing in order to provide our customers peace of mind. Every move is different, and we believe charging hourly is an antiquated approach for today's modern world.

Explain How FlatRate Differs From Other Moving Companies

As the most common of moving company questions, we enthusiastically provide several ways that we differ from the competition. Our guaranteed price never wavers, unless you change your inventory list. This gives you the peace of mind to budget properly for moves that can take you and your family down the road or cross-country. Our state-of-the-art dispatch center and storage facilities, coupled with top-in-class training for all employees on a regular basis, sets us apart from other moving companies.

Do You Charge for Wardrobe Boxes?

FlatRate provides wardrobe boxes on the day of your move free of charge. That means free wardrobe boxes, NYC! This service represents another point of differentiation that makes FlatRate the leader among New York City moving companies. While the wardrobe boxes are free (they are returned to us after your move is complete), you will be charged for the space they take up in the truck.

Does FlatRate Include Boxes and Packing in the Moving Price?

FlatRate only provides free boxes and packing for specific items that include lamps, wardrobe boxes, electronics and photographs. We also include quilting to protect your furniture during the move. FlatRate offers packing services and boxes at additional costs. We recommend that you get an onsite estimate to understand how much you can expect to pay for packing your possessions in our different size boxes.

Is FlatRate Licensed?

One of the best questions to ask moving companies involves licenses. FlatRate is a fully licensed moving company that complies with the regulations created by the New York Department of Transportation. The Interstate Commerce Commission regulates our company for interstate moves. We receive our storage license from the Department of Consumer Affairs. FlatRate sits within the top five percent of companies in the Better Business Bureau database of fewest complaints.

How Much Should I Tip Movers?

How much to tip movers is a universal question with a very subjective answer: whatever you think their service was worth! If employees go above and beyond, you might consider giving them additional compensation. Keep in mind that FlatRate pays employees above the industry standard.

Find out how FlatRate rewards its customers. Your next move might not cost as much as you think!

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