How to Move: The FlatRate Formula

Looking for the best way to move? Try the FlatRate way!

With over 300,000 successful New York City moves under our belt, and thousands more around the country and the world, it's safe to say that we know how to move. When you investigate the moving process, ask yourself, does the competition go over every last detail and provide a bottom-line price before your move? Here's how we roll.

Taking a Comprehensive Inventory

Either on-site or over the phone we will take an inventory of what you are looking to move. We don't just explain how to move, but we'll put together a comprehensive Move Plan that you will be presented with at the end of the process. This ensures you are aware of what you are paying for and what our process is.

Distance Matters: Local, Long-Distance, or International

We will calculate how many miles you are moving and what route(s) will be taken. This allows us to build in transportation-related pricing from the get-go, meaning no price detours in your future.

Packing: DIY or Have FlatRate Pack

Take even more stress out of your move and let us do the packing for you. Or, if you opt to pack up yourself, let us know and we can have boxes delivered right to your front door.

Building Conditions

Part of our moving house process is to send a team of moving specialists to inspect your current and/or future residence. This allows us to evaluate and plan for doorways, stairwells, and any other situations that are specific to your move.

Optional Moving Services to Help Your Move

Learning how to move partially includes knowing which services to perform yourself and which services to contract out to a relocation expert like FlatRate. We offer several optional services that make moving a breeze. Our team of relocation specialists knows how to perform information technology tasks and implement carpentry skills to save you time and money.

These are only parts of the FlatRate formula that have given us some of the highest moving ratings on the planet.

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