Have you considered composting?

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Composting is one of those things that is shrouded in mystery. People don’t often realize how easy it is. If you are looking to start any sort of garden or reduce your carbon footprint, composting can be one of the best things you can possibly do. If you are moving into a new house, it’s the perfect time to consider composting. Here’s a primer to get you started.

First, if you are considering any type of garden, whether it is a simple flower garden or you are looking to grow some of your own food, composting is almost essential. While you can certainly grow your garden without compost, it will help to provide many of the beneficial nutrients to your plants. Using compost in your soil mixture will help to guarantee your plants receive a better mix of nutrients than you can get from only using store-bought soil.

The best mix of compost comes from many of those things that you would normally throw in the trash. Any type of produce belongs in your compost heap, as well as egg shells and other organics. Whatever you do, avoid egg yolks, egg whites, any type of meat, and things that aren’t biodegradable. If you find yourself with some produce that you just aren’t able to finish, you can put compost into the bin, too.

One of the concerns many people have with compost is the smell. The good news is that most compost bins don’t smell bad at all – they actually smell very good. If you like to get out into your garden, for any reason, then you will enjoy the smell of the compost bin or compost pile. Keep a bucket by the kitchen sink and take it out to the compost heap every day. This will help to guarantee you don’t attract fruit flies in your kitchen.

If you are looking for a compost bin or a tumble system, there are many commercial options available. They are usually overpriced. For less than $30 you can get the basic materials needed to build a simple compost bin in your back yard. The most important thing to remember is that you need to get the compost out from the bottom of the pile and circle it back onto the top.

Be careful with the placement of your compost. Your bin or pile will get very warm. While it is very unlikely to happen, the heat caused from your compost pile could cause a fire. For this reason it’s important to make sure your compost pile is out of direct sunlight, and you need to keep it very moist. The moisture will also help to keep the composting process going.

It helps, a lot, if you add worms to the compost pile. After a few months of composting, you will have plenty of organic material to mix in with your regular potting soil. You will experience rich growth, and your composting process will have been worth the effort.

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