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The devastation caused by gypsy moths has been catastrophic for many areas that are dependent on forests for lumber and tourism.

Gypsy moths are prolific insects whose caterpillars feed on a wide variety of trees. Voracious eaters, they will strip an entire forest of leaves and needles before moving on to ornamental trees and garden shrubs. They lay their egg sacs on outdoor wooden furniture, such as chairs, tables, patio equipment, trays, and nearly anything else in your garden.

The Federal government has taken exceptional measures to contain the spread of gypsy moths. Movers from affected states (currently 17 states, mostly in the Northeast) have to present documentation in Washington State and California, showing that their outdoor items have been thoroughly inspected and determined to not contain gypsy moth eggs.

A professional moving company can help you understand the quarantine’s impact on your move. Ask them to provide a copy of “Don’t Move Gypsy Moth, (Program Aid No 1329), USDA/APHIS.” This publication elaborates on how you can retain the services of a licensed Qualified Certified Applicator (QCA) or conduct your own inspection. It contains illustrations to help you identify the insect, instructions on how to proceed should you find one, and a checklist of Outdoor Household Articles (OHA’s) that need to be examined.

•   Outdoor Household Articles include anything kept outside the home, such as outdoor furniture,
    firewood, garden equipment, dog houses, children's toys, barbecue grills and garbage cans.

•   Mobile Homes, Recreation Vehicles, etc.

•   Any Product, Article, or Conveyance near gypsy moth life stages that, if moved, presents a high risk of
    artificially spreading the moth.

An electronic copy of “Don’t Move Gypsy Moth” and self checklist can be found at
http://www.aphis.usda.gov/lpa/pubs/pub_phgmoth.pdf. This list must accompany your household shipment to avoid problems, if your truck is stopped for inspection en route.

To find out more about quarantines for Gypsy Moth, visit: