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There are two types of personal storage.
With conventional storage, you rent a room of a particular size, and it is up to you whether or not the space is filled. FlatRate Moving offers another possibility. You pay per item for storage, and your boxes are picked up and delivered by professional movers.

Consider facility conditions, ease of access, and hours of operation when choosing a storage facility. If possible, visit the premises to examine the cleanliness, organization, and location of available units. You can also ask for recent photographs of the facility. It is important you feel comfortable with leaving your possessions in their care.

•   Are they listed with the Better Business Bureau?
•   When can you access your possessions?
•   What kind of security systems do they have in place? (The issues are not just about your possessions,
    but your personal safety.)
•   Is there adequate fire and flood protection?
•   Is there air conditioning / climate control?
•   Have they had break-ins?
•   How long is the commitment period when moving in or vacating a space?
•   How much deposit is required?
•   How many elevators/loading bays do they have?
•   What do available units cost and how long are the rates guaranteed?