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Boxes protect your possessions and facilitate efficient use of space. Their condition and size, preferably in good condition and a standard size, determines how easy they are to stack. While supermarket boxes may cost nothing, they are not ideal for moving.

The ideal box has lid flaps, is sanitary, and holds its shape when stacked. Flat Rate offers moving supply packages, which include boxes and packing materials, based on the number of rooms you currently occupy.

Store books in book boxes. Over-packing makes a move harder, even for people accustomed to heavy lifting. Avoid using overly large boxes to remove this temptation. Remember, the boxes have to be unpacked, possibly by you, at the end of the move. No box should weigh more than 50 lbs. when packed.

Pack delicate garments in wardrobe boxes. Designed to hold a hanging rack, they keep your structured, tailored clothing (e.g. suits, sports jackets, business attire) in good condition.

Some movers practice green initiatives and offer the option of recycled boxes, either at a reduced cost or free.

Clearly indicate the boxes containing fragile items. Items, from dishes to electronic equipment, should be labeled as FRAGILE. Despite the marking, you should pack these items with extra care.

No matter what size box you use, be generous with the packing tape. It helps maintain the integral strength and shape of the box. Place extra tape on the bottom seams when assembling your boxes. You want them to stay intact through the moving process.

A good moving company offers optional services, including crating and archival-quality packing materials for artwork. Consider having custom crates built to protect your important pieces, especially for long distance or international moves. Some movers and third-party insurers require the use of crates, before providing coverage on objects of high value.