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Experience is important to the success of intercontinental moves, and companies that undertake this task face unique challenges, Paperwork and inventories are required to get your goods through customs. Tracking is critical. Make sure your mover is closely affiliated with their receiver at the other end. Ask if they can provide references that demonstrate a record of success in the part of the world you are moving to.

Ideally, you should survey at least three moving companies to determine which offers the reliability and range of services you need. Ask for industry accreditations and, more importantly, references from past customers. Confirm the references yourself to verify they are valid.

Find a mover who can give you multiple tiers of service so you get the move that fits your budget. Some offer door-to-door service. Do not sign on the dotted line until you fully understand the terms of your contract.

If the relocation is only going to last a year or two, you might consider the cost advantages of leaving some of your possessions in storage. Save on the cost of moving and insuring items that are not essential in the short term. For instance, appliances may not work overseas due to different electrical voltage standards. Prepare a detailed inventory and photographic record of your possessions. Factor in the cost of shipping when deciding whether or not to move items.
Work with a company that can manage your storage inventory.

There are two basic types of international transport, by air or by sea. Sea transport will be markedly cheaper, and you may be able to split a container. It will, however, take longer. Your mover should discuss the type of packing you require because you may want to opt for custom crating.

Your possessions may require extra protection in the form of third party insurance, obtainable from companies like Baker, at http://www.bakerintl.com/index.aspx.

Insurers may stipulate that you hire professional movers to pack and move your possessions before shipping. Labeling and a strong method of inventory are critical, and it may be advisable to have your possessions crated to provide a higher level of protection.