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The following is a list of items that may cause injury, fire, or explosion. Therefore, they cannot be included in your move, as stipulated by Federal law.

•   Aerosols of any kind
•   Ammunition
•   Antifreeze
•   Bleach
•   Butane
•   Disinfectant Cleaners (especially those containing ammonia or chlorine)
•   Fire Extinguishers
•   Firewood
•   Gas or oils
•   House Paints
•   Live Plants
•   Matches/Candles
•   Open containers of liquid
•   Open non-sealed food containers
•   Open alcohol containers
•   Perishable food, unless your mover specifically tells you it’s OK
•   Paints / Varnishes
•   Propane Tanks or cans
•   Welding gas

If you have any doubts about whether or not you should ship something, ask your mover or consult the American Association of Moving and Storage at: http://www.moving.org.