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A successful business move entails a seamless transition to the new space, without any expensive downtime or lost business.

Choose a company that specializes in businesses moves, known as commercial movers. A good moving company will send a specialist to survey the premises, both current and new, to assess your requirements. They will have multiple systems in place to accommodate challenges, and they will guide your company throughout the transition.

Start early by ordering supplies and placing them where they are easily viewed. Your commercial moving consultant will help notify employees as to the timing of the move and what is required of them, both at the front and back end. Digital photos and careful inventory help ensure items arrive at their intended location and designated space. Each employee should be responsible for his/her desk and personal effects.

Consider the following:
•   Restrictions on or authorizations needed for the use of shared loading docks and elevators.
•   Specific times when the move is allowed to take place by both the current and new buildings’
•   Protection required of the moving company to minimize the chance of damages at either location. Insist
    on masonite floor coverings and padding for walls.

If your business is doing its own packing, start ordering boxes and supplies as early as possible.