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FlatRate Storage Facilities


FlatRate brand new storage facilities are built to meet the industry's highest standards. We offer 300,000 square feet of storing space to our customers, who can choose to store their items in a way that fits their needs best.

•   Option to pay for storage by item. A choice of private or shared rooms.

•   A variety of room sizes available with Private Storage alternative.

•   24/7 on-site security at all points, including the loading docks. We utilize surveillance cameras and strict     access procedures.

•   A climate control feature that is set to optimal temperature to protect stored items.

•   Dust control by tuned humidity standards and air filters.

Bronx Location:
27 Bruckner Blvd.
Bronx, NY 10454

Newark Location:
99 Evergreen Ave.
Newark, NJ 07144