IT Installation Services: NYC & Beyond

Whether it's wired or wireless, our IT installation experts can help with your moving technology needs. We understand that during the stress of a move you might start to unhook everything in order to get it packed up. The problem is, once all of your technology is in place at your new home, you might not remember how to hook everything back up. That's where we come in. Our IT installation pros have seen it all. Whether it's a coupler or a router, we can help you get your system back online in no time.

TIP: Before you disconnect any IT wiring, why not take several pictures on your phone? These can come in handy hours, days or weeks later when it's time to put everything back together again.

If your IT setup consists of wires and switches and other components that you don't understand, fear not! Our experts are standing by ready to help.

Our moving services also enable us to help with flat panel TV installation or removal. Today's televisions might be thinner and lighter, but that doesn't make them any less cumbersome when it comes to relocation, installation or assembly. When you need TV installation, New York, you should turn to FlatRate IT services. With more than 20 years of experience, our experts have seen it all. Let us put our expertise to work for you during your next move. From LCDs to plasmas, 3-D to 4K, we understand what it takes to get your TV up and running again.

Need an NYC IT storage solution? FlatRate has you covered there too. Our state of the art storage centers will keep all of your technology protected with climate control and 24-hour security. Then, when the time comes, our IT installation team will get your gear back in action.

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