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Commercial Moving

Focus on your business, not your move. FlatRate can move any size office overnight.

We offer:

  • Commercial and retail moves throughout New York City
  • Long-distance and international office relocation
  • Executive Relocation packages

With the largest fleet of trucks and movers in New York City and a track record of efficiency at every stage, we get your business moved on time and on budget. Every time.

Our slogan: Planning | Strategy | Ability| Responsibility

  1. Planning | If you do it right, you only have to do it once. We work with you to create a Move Plan that includes:
    • Inventory of all items to be moved
    • Special building conditions and requirements
    • Dates and times
    • Special instructions for setting up the new office
    • A guaranteed price that won't change
  2. Strategy | Using the Move Plan, we'll work with you to create a strategy that includes:
    • Tagging and color-coding workstations so they can be efficiently reassembled at the new location
    • Prioritizing items for the new office setup
    • Studying floor plans and building regulations
    • Scheduling the move to happen at the most convenient time for your business
  3. Ability | Your employees won't have to lift a finger. Our movers will:
    • Protect floors and walls
    • Wrap furniture
    • Box files, electronics, and personal items
    • Keep books and files in order and ready for reassembly
    • Provide IT assistance to get your new office wired, have any flat panels installed, etc.
  4. Responsibility | We avoid delays by having backup systems in place at all times, including:
    • Extra movers
    • Extra trucks
    • Carpenters
    • Emergency vehicle repair
    • Customer service coordinators

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Storage facilities at FlatRate.com

Moving home in Washington DC is a great time to take stock of your current possessions. We"re presuming you"ve already undergone a period of de-cluttering prior to your move. However, there are some items that we just can"t seem to throw away – usually for sentimental reasons. Or maybe you and your partner can"t decide which large items you need right now? The latter is a common complaint when moving to a smaller apartment.

The whole business of moving is stressful enough so don"t worry about having to make such big decisions about which furniture to throw away and which to keep right now. Instead, why not put them in storage until you have the ‘head space" to sit down and work out what to do?

Storage facilities
Here at FlatRate.com we provide warehousing provision and top of the range facilities to ensure your goods are as secure as possible while you concentrate on the business of decorating your new living space. We don"t outsource – rather we look after your goods ourselves. That way we know they are being stored in a clean and sterile, temperature-treated environment and which you can visit for yourself whenever the need arises.

Uplifting and depositing storage items
Most items which come into storage are either large or fragile and because of that it"s not just a case of popping them in the back of the car then unloading them at our warehouse. That"s why we provide a collection and delivery service for goods in storage.

We"ll come directly to your door and uplift the goods from your room. We"ll also provide you with an inventory which records the conditions of the goods. We"ll then wrap them in protective packaging (and blankets for fragile goods). At this point we"ll also assess the amount of storage space necessary and advise you accordingly.

Come with us to see how and where we store your goods or simply entrust us to get on with the job while you attend to other matters involved with your home move in Washington DC. It"s entirely up to you.