2012 Moving Apps that Can Help You Plan

shutterstock 331123139 2012 Moving Apps that Can Help You Plan
If you are like the vast majority of the population, you have a smartphone. Chances are good that you use it to stream music, listen to audio books, play games, get directions, track your runs or even control the lights in your home. There is really not much that these brilliant devices can’t handle, so it only makes sense that they can help you move too.


If you have a home full of expensive electronics, décor pieces, collectables, etc., then you will need to create an inventory of the contents of your home. This will ensure that you receive an accurate quote from the movers and help you to determine if you will need additional insurance.

The iMoving app makes it super easy to create a content list and receive reliable quotes or estimates based on your belongings. It is extremely customizable and automatically calculates each object in cubic feet and weight.

Astrid Task/To-Do List

Although not officially a moving app, Astrid Task can prove to be extremely beneficial when planning a move. It is essentially a personal assistant that helps you keep track of everything you need to do. You can create lists, set reminders and more. This is an app that you will want to continue to use long after the move as well.

Moving List

You will likely agree that $2.99 is a small price to pay for an app that has so much to offer. It features 95 pre-populated to-do tasks and of course, you can add your own as well. Organize tasks by due date or category and use the fun Packing Decider feature that will help you decide to trash or keep that old worn out chair.

Home Inspection Checklist

Sometimes, the excitement of moving causes you to overlook certain things, or forget to look for something at all. Whether you are renting or buying, you will find this Home Inspection Checklist pretty helpful. It will assist you in evaluating a residence thoroughly before you make your final decision.

Moving Plan

If you need help organizing every single detail, you will find this app very beneficial. You can create time frames, such as what to do eight weeks prior, up until the big day. More than 210 moving-related items come pre-populated and it features check/uncheck options that are thumb-friendly for those still getting the hang of their phone.

My Move

This free moving app will help you with everything from packing to finding the perfect moving company. It includes tips for selecting movers and offers reviews and ratings on them. You can even use it to request a free estimate. Most importantly, preloaded selections make it easy to create checklists.

Moving Guru

Available for BlackBerry and iPhone, this task lets you begin lists eight weeks prior to the moving date. It offers packing tips, lets you request free estimates and even provides “we’ve moved” notifications to phone contacts that you have pre-selected.


Enjoy cost-saving tips and take advantage of the moving checklist that starts eight weeks prior. It will even calculate the volume of your belongings so you can achieve more accurate moving estimates. Its only flaw is that it is a European app and calculates in cubic meters, but the good news is that if you need to switch this to cubic feet, there’s an app for that too!