6 Awesome Android Moving Apps

shutterstock 331123139 6 Awesome Android Moving Apps
American Express used to tell you “don’t leave home without it.”  And nothing could be more true when it comes to my Smartphone.  Like a trusty companion who is both smarter and better looking than me, I NEVER leave home without it.

And I’m not alone.

We all seem to be tethered to our phones.  They allow us to check email, take pictures and even make call!  (Yes, they still operate as a telephone!)  If you are planning a move or relocation, your smartphone can be like a second set of hands.  Here are a few of our favorite moving apps.

I’m a Droid guy myself, so these are from and Android Market perspective.

FLASHLIGHT: With three brightness levels, I’m partial to the HTC flashlight that was installed on the last version of Android.  When you move into a new house and don’t remember where you packed that flashlight, your phone can help illuminate small, dark spaces.  This app is perfect for investigating basements, exploring cellars, and looking under those nasty crevices.

RULER. TapeRuler, AndroRuler and Advanced Ruler are two apps that allow you to measure spaces.  After all, you’re going to want to make sure that fancy new leather couch fits through the doorway.

LEVELER. Bubble and Bubble Level will help you ensure that you are hanging your artwork straight.  There’s nothing worse than putting unnecessary holes into a freshly  painted walls. This app will help make sure your hanging art is not crooked.

MOVING PLANNER. The Moving Planner by Jimbl is a pre-determined list of over 200 moving-related items.  Create your own to-do lists and make sure that everything stays on track. (99 cents).

EVERNOTE. The ultimate in smartphone note taking, Evernote allows you to take notes by typing, speaking or taking photos, making sure that you never forget anything ever again. From your moving company information, to things you need to do, Evernote is an indispensible tool  for a major life moment like moving.

GOOGLE MAPS. You probably already know about this one, but nothing is more helpful when moving into a new neighborhood than layered maps.  With this app, not only will you never get lost, but you will be able to check traffic conditions, along with locating the closest 24-hour pharmacy.

What smartphone apps have you found useful when moving?