7 Aquariums You Need To See In The US

According to US City Traveler, there are 25 aquariums you must visit if you live nearby or recently relocated to the area.  From those 25, seven aquariums located in and around the major cities that FlatRate services made the list.  Are you ready for a peek under the sea to get schooled as to where the fish are? Dive below to see what aquariums made the list!

New York Aquarium, New York, NY

Always evolving and changing with the times, the New York Aquarium  has been around since 1896.  Located on Coney Island, their purpose has always been to bring attention to the preservation of ocean waters and the sea life that lives there.  An aquatheater, a 4-D theater, feedings with featured animals – and that’s just the beginning of a massive reconstruction and addition yet to come.

Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ

Although the Adventure Aquarium  is located in South Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, it’s well worth an easy day trip to experience all the wonders of the sea.  From hippos to sharks, there’s an unbelievable amount of sea life to witness, and an extraordinary, clear glass display tunnel of sharks swimming above your head.  Hippos star in their very own exhibit in an environment resembling the African river banks.

Miami Seaquarium, Miami, FL

You knew moving to Florida involved getting acquainted with your new neighbors sooner or later, but who knew they were sea creatures! Take a trip to the Miami Seaquarium and meet the cast of ocean characters up close and personal by participating in the Dolphin Odyssey, Seal Swim and Sea Trek Reef Encounter or enroll to be a trainer for the day.

Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco, CA

At the California Academy of Sciences,the Steinhart Aquarium offers exhibits for ocean lovers in San Francisco.  Visit the Philippine Coral Reef which the Aquarium proclaims as “one of the deepest in the world.” Trek through the Osher Rainforest, and meet their albino alligator, Claude, in the Swamp exhibit.

Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA

In Southern California, the Aquarium of the Pacific showcases underwater creatures of the ocean.  Many diverse exhibits exist to drench its visitors in a Pacific tidal wave of information.  Featured is the Shark Lagoon that has “sharks you can touch…and those you can’t!” Also present is the Southern California/Baja Gallery which shows exhibits on the 800-mile span of sea life on the Baja Coast.

National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD

Outside of Washington, DC, in Baltimore, visit the National Aquarium.  Highlights include the Amazon River Forest that has two displays showing the rainy and dry seasons; the Atlantic Coral Reef, a manmade reef that’s home to 500 exotic fish; and an exhibit showing four different Maryland habitats.  To experience a real tropical rain forest, visit the Upland Tropical Rain Forest.

Downtown Aquarium, Denver, CO

Who knew that deep in the center of the Rockies, nowhere near the ocean, would reside the Downtown Aquarium of Denver? Along with bounties of fish and other water-loving creatures, one of the aquarium’s highlights is the Mystic Mermaids show where the beauty of the ocean is featured by a cast of mermaids who also promote how important keeping our waters pure and livable is.  The best part is that YOU can be a mermaid, too, if you fulfill their requirements for being under the sea.

What other aquariums based in the United States have you visited?