How to Find a Kid-Friendly Neighborhood

One of the highest priorities for any family looking to relocate is finding a kid-friendly neighborhood. Moving with children means you have more to consider than just affordable rent. Keep these tips in mind as you start your apartment search and you’ll be able to find the perfect area for your entire family to call home.

Scope Out the Neighborhood
Just like apartment hunting without children, it’s important to keep your search to only a few neighborhoods so you’re not overwhelmed. After you’ve researched potential areas, check out the crime statistics for each one to determine which are the safest. Safer neighborhoods mean you don’t have to spend all of your time worrying about where the kids should play outside or if you can go to the park. Your old neighborhoods from your single days may no longer be appealing when you have kids! We recommend limiting your search to three kid-friendly neighborhoods.

Location is Key
Amenities are just as important as a safe neighborhood when you’re seeking out a kid-friendly neighborhood. How are the public schools in the area? Are there a variety of parks and playgrounds nearby? If you end up in a home without a backyard, you’re going to want to have these options nearby to keep your sanity in check!

Speak to the Neighbors
Before you sign the lease, try to speak with your soon-to-be neighbors. Talking to real people living in the neighborhood is an excellent way to get to know the area and find out if their kids are the same as yours. You could have many, many play dates on your calendar for the future!

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