Flat rate or hourly-What is preferred while dealing with moving companies?

I am moving locally from 1Bed to a 2 Bed.
Some companies are charging a flat rate($250-300) and some are charging hourly ($90/hr)+ travel time(appx 1hour or $90 to and fro).
Not sure which one to go for, please help.
Yes, I forgot to add both (Hourly and Flat ) comes with 2 movers and a truck.
Also, Why to go for flat rate with more than 2 men? If more than 2 they will finish the move quickly so shouldn’t hourly be preferred?
Thanks for all the great answers.
The distance from my old place to new one is only 4 miles of local streets.
Even the hourly movers are charging a flat 1 hour for travel time. reason being, they do not want me charge for delay due to traffic jams etc