How to Use QR Codes to Organize a Move

shutterstock 139772992 How to Use QR Codes to Organize a Move
Over the last year or so, strange black and white patterned squares have been appearing on advertisements, theatre tickets, brochures, product packaging, and websites. They look a little like a barcode but instead of vertical black bars of varying widths, these are tiled with smaller squares in different patterns and seemingly random arrangements.

They are QR are Quick Response codes and they can help you organize a move. Technically, they’re what is known as ‘matrix barcodes’, and they can encode all kinds of different information. There is no way for the average person to tell just by looking, but a QR code might contain some plain text, the URL of a particular website, or a series of numbers. They can be read by special QR code readers or by most modern smart phones (QR reading software can be installed on almost any model). Just take a picture of the square and the code will resolve itself on your screen. The QR code may begin a download, enable a function on your phone, or take you straight to a particular web page.

Originally used to track engine parts, QR codes are now being applied more widely. They have been put on everything from church newsletters to freshly baked cookies, and as time goes by more and more people are beginning to understand what they are and how to use them. Businesses are catching on fast.

Storage & moving companies are beginning to use the technology to help people find routes. Some now provide a QR code you can photograph with a smart phone to get straight through to a map of their area or a GPS route planner all set up and ready to go. They may also provide customers with a QR code that lets them track their long distance movers across the country, for example.

When it is time for storage & moving, QR codes can make a move quicker and easier. They streamline internet navigation, which is still a problem on some phones, and mean you don’t have to bookmark sites you’ll only use once.

You can even generate your own QR codes. If you’d rather not list the content of each box on the outside for security reasons, software packages QR Code Platform or BW Scan can produce printable QR codes that can be taped to them.

QR Codes are also used to encode contact details. Once your address and phone number have changed, why not place your new information in a QR Code and send it out to your friends? That way it’ll be easy for them to update the old number stored in their phone, and the novelty value will ensure everyone remembers to note down your new address.

While QR codes are not yet everywhere, they are becoming increasingly popular and will probably continue to do so. If you enjoy catching up with the latest technology, using them to help streamline your move is good fun, and they can be very helpful too.