Home and Life Hacks to Make Moving Easier

Apartment and house-hunting are inevitably stressful but contrary to popular belief making moving easier is not an oxymoron. When our customers move with us, we do everything we can to allow them to have #ThePerfectMove- this includes offering packing and unpacking services among other things. We also know that some of our customers are do it yourself kind of guys and gals and so we’ve put together a list of the top 5 home and life hacks to make moving easier. Cheers!

1. Unscrew your containers with liquids (ie. lotions, body wash, etc.) and wrap with plastic wrap then screw the lid back on to prevent from spilling during the move.

2. Fill the nail holes in your old home/apartment with a bar of white soap.

3. While packing your stemware, put them in clean socks for extra padding during your move.

4. If your furniture created dents in your old carpet, get the dents out by letting ice cubes melt on the divots, then lift the carpet fibers up with a spoon.

5. Don’t mess up your manicure while changing keys on your keychain. Use a staple remover to make the switch.