New Neighbor? Perfect Housewarming Gifts

shutterstock 91227767 New Neighbor? Perfect Housewarming Gifts

Do you know someone that has just moved? If you would like to welcome a new neighbor or make a friend/family member feel more at home, why not pick out the perfect housewarming gift? Moving is exciting, especially when you hire an experienced NYC mover.  Your gift can help make a home or new neighborhood even more welcoming; the proverbial icing on the moving cake.

For people you know well, such as close friends or family, choose a personal gift. Handmade items are especially thoughtful. Crafters will have an almost endless supply of ideas. Those who are not as crafty may like to purchase something for the home- curtains, a small appliance, or something you know was needed, but not purchased by the person.

Food is appreciated by almost everyone. Grocery shopping during a move adds more stress, so many people end up eating out or ordering in. Providing a home-cooked meal (or even several!) gives a much needed break along with easing stress on the wallet. A great gift idea is to cook and then freeze several casseroles that will fit into a new oven-safe serving dish. Most 13×9 inch pans will work well, simply place a double layer of foil into the pan before cooking and then freeze. The casserole should slide out easily to be placed in another foil wrap or zip-top bag. Non-cooks can consider gift certificates paired with menus to local restaurants.

Plants are often chosen for housewarming gifts. Try to choose a plant that is not toxic or apt to trigger allergies. There are many ways to present the plant. Pretty containers that accentuate the home’s decor can be re-used for other plants and depending on the type chosen, can be an interesting conversation piece. Homes with large porches or gardens can benefit from outdoor plants. A hanging basket, potted tree, or a similar gift will enhance their outdoor living areas.

Art that is representative of the person’s tastes is also a great gift. From wall hangings to small accent pictures, there is nothing like a piece of art to make a home look its best. If you know the person’s tastes, it will be easier to choose the right style. Brand new neighbors can sometimes be ‘scoped out’ while they are moving items into their home. Their sense of style will be represented by the colors and types of furniture moved in. While it is not recommended to watch your new neighbors with binoculars, stopping by and offering to help move a few things in will help you find out their style without being overt.

In addition to determining their taste, offering to lend a hand is a wonderful way to introduce yourself and to learn the names of new neighbors. Getting to know them through helping is a perfect housewarming gift in itself. Nothing says ‘Welcome to the neighborhood’ like making new friends. Offering friendship requires no gift wrap, no labels, and will make their home even more comfortable. Bring along other neighbors if possible!