Relocating for a Long-Distance Relationship

shutterstock 67672894 Relocating for a Long Distance Relationship
For those couples thinking about relocating instead of maintaining a long distance relationship it is worth asking one or two questions before making the leap and moving in together. After all, if a couple gets it wrong they could very quickly find themselves having to relocate twice in a short space of time! Far better for the relationship to get it right the first time. And as much as Flatrate Movers hopes they can earn your NYC moving business, we only want to have to move you once!

Long-distance relationships generally get a bad rap and it is true that for many couples the strain of being apart is too much. But one thing every couple in such a position should bear in mind is that if you are not strong enough to be apart for a while, how do you know you will be strong enough to stay together anyway?

Crucially there are one or two questions every long distance couple should ask themselves – perhaps both separately and also when they are together – as to whether they are ready to make the change from a long distance relationship and have one or both partners relocate.

Firstly, they should ask themselves why they were apart in the first place and whether the reasons for being apart have changed at all? Was it because of work or college commitments that one or both partners felt were too important to miss for the relationship? Was that job just as important, or even more important than the relationship? If so, what has changed now? Has the job become less important, or the relationship more important? Has absence made the heart grow fonder, or did that dream job simply not live up to its billing? Alternatively, is one partner now giving up their dream job to be with the other? If that is the case, will this cause resentment at a later date? Or will there be similar opportunities in the new area they are moving to?

That leads to the next point. Will whoever is relocating be happy in the new city  We assume anyone coming to New York will love it – but who knows for sure.

Will both partners enjoy living there? Is it going to be a massive culture shock, for example? Moving from San Diego to San Francisco wouldn’t be such a change but moving from Los Angeles to Tulsa might. Will one partner miss their macs and macchiato too much? And what about friends and family that might be just around the corner? How will it be to start again with new people and new friends in a new city? And one other thing – how would you feel about living there if the relationship was to end?

Lastly of course, there is the most important question of all. Couples should always ask themselves whether they could actually handle moving in together. After all, that messy room and the two-day-old cornflake bowl sitting on the television might seem quirky and kinda funny when you’re just visiting, but what about if you have to live with dirty plates on a daily basis? Couples in long distance relationships will no doubt look their best every time they get a chance to be together but what about when they spend all day with each other? Are they prepared for those ‘lucky’ boxers to be replaced by the four year old ones with the holes in?  And what about if all those nights out clubbing that you do when you get together are normal for one of you and a special occasion for the other? What happens if you discover one of you loves staying in playing video games and the other wants to go ballroom dancing? All of these things are insignificant when you’re just visiting, but soon become a bigger issue once you’re living together.

In truth, once you’ve gone through all these questions the only thing you can really do is go with your gut. You’ll know if it feels right or not. And if it does and you go for it and you end up heartbroken in the middle of Nowhereville, then at least you’ve learned not to trust your gut next time!  And there is one certain: Flatrate Movers will be here for you, no matter how many times you have to move.