Safety Tips for Female Renters

Decades ago, single female renters were not nearly as common as they are today. Times sure have changed. Women are more independent than ever before. They are now considered equally as qualified for jobs they never would have been hired for 40 years ago. This all contributes to the boom in female renters in both apartments and houses. However, even if you are a strong, independent single female, you have to know that you are still a target. Below are safety tips you will find very valuable.

Choose Moving Services Carefully

Your renting experience all begins with the company you hire to provide moving services. First of all, no one has to know you are moving into the place alone. If the person providing moving services asks you if you are moving by yourself, lie to them. It is none of their business.

The easiest way to avoid awkward questions is to hire a company with a proven reputation. Take the time to read reviews. You will easily be able to tell which company to avoid and which will provide you with a safe and positive experience.

Be Familiar with Dangerous Areas

Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with geography. Obviously, no one has to tell you to rent an apartment or home in the best neighborhood you can afford. However, there are certain places around your property that pose the most danger.

In an apartment complex, parking lots, garages, trash dumpsters, and laundry rooms can be dangerous. In a house, if you have to park in an alley or if people can get in or around your garage, these areas can prove to be dangerous. Dense shrubs around the home can also pose a problem. Motion sensor solar-powered lights are recommended for these areas.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

You do not have to become best friends with your neighbors, but you should get to know them, so you can all watch out for one another. Know their schedule, so you can identify anything suspicious. Make sure everyone is onboard for closing exterior doors. You may even want to schedule laundry days together, especially if the appliances are in a creepy basement. With so many female renters today, you can often request an apartment in a female dominant area or building when you talk with the property manager.

Additional Tips

  • Always lock your door, even if you are just stepping out for a minute.
  • Don’t open your door, unless you know is knocking.
  • List your name on the mailbox with your first initial and last name.
  • Never enter your home, if it looks like the door has been tampered with.
  • Consider buying a wireless alarm system for your door and windows.
  • Request proof that the locks were changed after the last tenant.
  • Don’t enter an elevator if someone looks suspicious. Trust your instinct.
  • Carry mace or pepper spray and have it easily accessible when walking through dangerous areas.
  • Don’t get too comfortable. It is common for females to be very careful in the beginning. They take the time to research moving services and take all the safety tips into consideration, but then sometimes get too comfortable with their surroundings. This is when the potential for danger is increased significantly.