Smooth Moves

By: Stroller in the City

It is no secret that New York City is a little space starved. Multiple kids are sharing bedrooms and parents are considering switching to murphy beds, this is our reality here. But the issue of space (and lack of) really comes into focus when you have a growing family in a small apartment. My kids are quickly growing out of their small bedroom so the struggle to find a bigger space is real. Every New Yorker fantasizes about moving to a larger apartment but we never really think about all the dirty details of actually transporting everything and still maintaining harmony in the home.

We’ve been searching for a second home to escape to on the weekends, as I’ve exhaustively discussed, but what I haven’t even considered is how the move will impact my kids. I don’t want them to get lost in the shuffle while Jason and I are running around like crazy people boxing and packing and loading and unloading. That kind of frenetic energy can really mess with the kids. We would surely hire movers but it is important to hire the right movers if we want to feel stress-free. FlatRate is an all inclusive company that basically steps in and takes the majority of the moving details off your plate so you can focus on your home and family.

When I first had Ryder we were involved in mommy-and-me and play groups so we made a lot of friends in Battery Park City. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of our close friends decamp New York for the ‘burbs to have more space and get out of the crazy concrete jungle. Now, I’m not fully committed to staying in our apartment but I also can’t see us leaving NYC.

Sure, living in a cramped space takes a toll on the whole family but the process of moving can be incredibly stressful, too. Even if we’re moving to a bigger apartment in the same neighborhood, packing it all up and unpacking can really turn everything upside down for the kids. Especially when you are packing up their toys and belongings. Of course, I am confident that once we get to where we’re going the kids will adjust just fine. But there are plenty of things parents can do to make things easier for the kids.

The different FlatRate moving packages can be as simple as transporting a single piece of furniture or as involved as an entire local, long distance or international relocation. They can provide packing services for the entire house or specific rooms. You can even have a mirror image set up at the new location. (This is a genius option for the kids rooms.) For Elite move packages they will even unpack and put all your stuff away. (I know, right?!)

Whatever we decide, I have learned so much about how to make a big move easier on the kids and seamless for us parents. Like, make sure you leave a few toys, games and books out for the kids to entertain themselves while the rest of their stuff is being transported. This will keep them occupied but also make them feel secure, especially when all of their stuff is boxed up and gone. Another great moving tip is prioritizing the unpacking process. It is important to maintain a sense of normalcy for your kids so getting their room organized and set up first is key. Then, of course the kitchen! And everyone knows the kitchen is the hub of the family so cooking your first big meal in your new place together will make everyone feel at home and comfortable.

You also don’t have to worry about putting the house perfectly together in a few days…for items you can’t seem to find a space for just yet but don’t want to get rid of, FlatRate has great storage options and full-service facilities for short or long-term.

Moving is a big shift for everyone but it can be seamless and fun if we can depend on experienced and full-service movers like FlatRate to alleviate the stress. When someone else (in this case, a trusted team of movers) is packing, unpacking and cleaning up the boxes and bubble wrap we can really make the move fun and exciting for the whole family. OK movers are all set…now we just have to find a house…or a bigger apartment…or BOTH!