How To Tell You’ve Found the Right Apartment

There may not be immediate butterflies or lightning striking when you find the right apartment, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect fit! If you’re having trouble discerning whether an apartment is “the one,” these five signs will help you know you’ve got the right place.

  1. It’s in Your Dream Neighborhood:  Many people settle for signing a lease in a less-than-ideal area. If the apartment you’re considering also has an address in the neighborhood you want, that’s a great sign.
  1. You’re Not Strapped for Time: People tend to sign a lease for a place they don’t love when the landlord is pressuring them or you’re in a time crunch. On the flip side, if the landlord is calm and relaxed, you’re in no real hurry and are still drawn to an apartment, everything is working in your favor!

Finding an apartment isn’t a race so remind yourself that the right one is out there. You should always sign a lease because you love the apartment’s features, not because you’re out of time.

  1. Your Priority Amenities Are All There: What is on your apartment checklist? Are all of your needs met? If the apartment has on-site parking and on-site laundry, and is close to public transportation, which are all equally important to you, than you’re golden! Every apartment isn’t going to come with all of the features you’d like, which is why it’s critical to know which missing amenities are your deal breakers.
  1. The Management Team Has a Great Reputation: When you’re signing a twelve-month lease, you’re going to inevitably deal with a management company more than once. If the landlord seems respectful and friendly, your experiences are bound to be more positive. Even better: if the maintenance company has positive reviews. Considering checking site like, which offers apartment ratings and reviews from certified residents, so you know the information you’re receiving is trustworthy.
  1. Everything is in Good Shape: A common issue, especially with older buildings, is apartments that require repairs or replacements. Maintenance problems do happen, but if you see mold, water damage or decaying window frames, consider this a very big red flag. If everything seems to be in working order (don’t forget to test the appliances and faucets!), you have a great place on your hands.

Niccole Schreck is the rental experience expert for, a free rental site that helps you find an affordable apartment and provides tips on how to move.