The Pros & Cons of Having a Friendship with Neighbors

shutterstock 323809064 The Pros & Cons of Having a Friendship with Neighbors
It’s always better to have friends than enemies, but that is rarely a choice people have to make. We tend to make friends naturally through shared interests or a similar sense of humor, political affiliation, or simply through mutual respect and understanding. In most cases people become friends through other acquaintances, sporting activities, or at work. It’s an organic process and something that usually requires very little effort.

After storage & moving, we often find ourselves meeting new people in our new hometown.

Making friends with neighbors can be different. You almost always have to actively take steps to get to know one another. Starting a friendship might be as simple as knocking on the door and introducing yourself as a new neighbor or it might take a little more to win them over- a freshly baked cake on a holiday or in invitation to dinner. There is no guarantee that you’ll actually like your neighbors or that they’ll like you. Beyond living on the same street you could have nothing in common and live by completely different philosophies. In that case, both parties will probably have to put some real effort into being friends.

The good side of being friends with the neighbors is pretty good. They can keep an eye on the house when you’re out of town and maybe water the plants in the garden or feed the cat. If you trust them to have a spare key it can make your life much easier if you accidentally lose your own set or lock them in the house. Friendly neighbors are less likely to get into disputes about fences and borders, too.

Whether they’re nearby or not, more friends usually means more social invitations, more fun, and more people there to help you out in an emergency or with everyday problems like finding a babysitter at short notice or getting a recommendation for a good mechanic. If you’ve just moved into a new home in a new town you’ll need to find a new doctor and dentist, a new plumber, good restaurants in the area, and much more. Neighbors can be a real help.

Nothing is perfect and there is a downside to being friends with the folks next door. For a start, they know when you’re at home. If a friend calls from the other side of town and you’re worn out after a hard day at work you can choose not to answer, but a neighbor can just knock on the door. You’ll have to answer it because they’ve just seen you come home.

Friendships work both ways, and neighbors might expect you to water their garden or feed the cat while they vacation. They might ask to borrow your lawnmower and not bring it back, or want to take advantage of your swimming pool all the time. It’s easy for a neighbor friend to assume you won’t mind if they have a loud party all night.

The best course of action is to find a balance. It is always worth getting to know the neighbors when you first move in – you might find that you’ve got a lot in common and become great friends. If you don’t get on, be polite but don’t pretend to be best pals. Sometimes a little distance isn’t such a bad thing! Good luck with your movers relocation!