Family excited to move

Tips For Families

tips for family Tips For Families

  1. Stay organized. Color code your boxes so movers will know which room to put them in.
  2. Put together an ‘Essentials’ bag. Include a change of clothes, toothbrushes, toiletries, medications, and the children’s favorite toys or games, so that your first night in your new home will be enjoyable without hunting through boxes.
  3. Get your paperwork together. You’ll make unpacking less stressful if important documents – birth certificates, licenses, insurance policies – are in a single, accessible place.
  4. Get the whole family involved. Give the kids a pack of stickers so they can identify their own boxes and make a game of organizing their new rooms.
  5. Make the kids feel secure. Show them the attention you’re devoting to moving their special possessions, such as stuffed animals, favorite toys, and trophies.
  6. Plan an outing. Give your family a positive introduction to its new neighborhood by planning an excursion the kids will love.
  7. Enlist help. Plan ahead so you’ll have a babysitter, friend, or relative on hand to help with the kids so you won’t be frazzled by all the demands of moving day and settling in to a new home.
  8. Stay with your children and pets. Let your moving company worry about the boxes and packing, while you stay focused on your family.