Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Old Apartment or House

shutterstock 246334408 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Old Apartment or House
It does not matter if you have lived in your apartment or house for 1 year or a decade, you have probably made some cherished memories. If these walls could talk, they would tell the stories of laughter and tears, love and heartache. So, while you may be excited about wherever you are moving to, it is not necessarily all that easy to say goodbye.

Small Gathering

The last thing you want to do is have a party that you have to clean up after, but a small intimate gathering of family and friends who have been a part of some of your fondest memories here is always a good idea. You can spend the evening swapping stories of things that have happen there; some of which you may have forgotten about.

Sacred Sage

One of the best ways to say goodbye to a house is to bless it for the new occupants. Clean out any darkness and invite positivity. Wish the new owners or renters well and hope that their children remain safe in the house. Even if you don’t necessarily believe in sacred ceremonies developed by natives, it is still exciting to participate in something new. You may be surprised at how good you feel. Although sage is most commonly used, you may opt for cedar or sweetgrass as well.

When you participate in a smudging ceremony, sage is burned to drive away bad feelings, influences or spirits. You don’t have to take part in every detail of these ceremonies; simply burn sage while you walk through the house and speak to the universe the good wishes you hope for the occupants.

Hidden Goodbye

Are you putting a fresh coat of paint on any of the walls before you go? Go ahead and write a note. You can write down some of your favorite memories, the dates you lived there or simply sign your name. Write whatever you want to leave with the house, and then cover it up with paint. It will be there forever. Also, if there is a loose floor board or hole in the closet, or some other great hiding spot, you can write a note and hide it in there. Maybe someone will find it years from now or maybe it will remain a hidden message forever.

Leave a Gift

How wonderful would it be if every person who moved out of an apartment or house left a gift for the next person? Not just any gift either; something that is truly heartfelt. A blessing or welcome mat or tile would be nice, or you can even put together a small scrapbook for them. Use the first few pages to showcase a few of the highlights you have experienced living there, and then leave the rest empty for them to fill in their next chapter.

You could always plant a small tree or shrub that will mature as the years go by, or you could buy a meaningful plant, like a lucky bamboo. If you are going to leave a gift, avoid the cliché items like a bottle of wine, coffee maker or other things that don’t take much thought. Choose something from the heart. Even a family photo holding a sign that wishes them well in their new home would be appreciated.