What to Do When You’re Sick During Your Move

When you plan to move, you never intend or expect to get sick.  However, with the first sniffle or grinding sensation in your belly, you wonder how you’re going to deal with an illness while enduring a major life change.  Unfortunately, canceling or postponing a move just isn’t realistic when arrangements are already made and boxes packed.  Don’t add insult to injury by freaking out – slow down and focus on getting well and staying in control even when you’re under the weather – and learn the best things to do when you are sick during your move.

Sickness, Allergies, Nerves – OH, MY!

Are you really sick or is something else brewing like seasonal allergies or nerves that are overstimulating your senses, creating psychosomatic illnesses? Maybe the dust and dirt you’ve stirred up by moving objects is wreaking havoc on your body.  Start by figuring out the cause of your malady.

Sleep on It

With all the excitement and activity, you need your rest – even more so if you’re coming down with something.  Make sure you allow yourself enough time to get plenty of sleep even if that means cat napping during the day.

Drink Up

Drinking lots of water can help you feel better and wash away the toxins.  Stay hydrated by keeping it with you.  Other fluids like juice, tea and chicken broth can help, too.  Avoid caffeinated beverages which may interrupt your sleep.

Raid the Medicine Cabinet

Stock up on medicines you need to feel better and methods you rely on to get relief like the neti pot or a humidifier.  Use them as directed and when necessary.  Remember to keep up with any daily medicines you regularly take.

Keep Your Nose (and Everything Else) Clean

Germs breed more germs.  If you don’t maintain a decent level of hygiene and cleanliness, your whole house can grow into a petri dish, infecting all residents and those helping you move.  Keep your house clean, and you’ll stay healthy.

Take Some Steps to Stay Well

Unless you’re bedridden, a little exercise can stave off sickness and promote wellness.  Take a quick walk, engage in yoga or flex your aching muscles.  Don’t overdo it, though – you still need energy for your move.

You Deserve a Break Today

Hopefully, you’re not planning to camp out on a vacant floor, especially now that you’re sick.  Rent a hotel room or ensure that the people you’re staying with between moves have a comfy place for you to crash at any time.  If you do need to get physical and move boxes or furniture, stick with light objects and allow others to lift awkward and/or heavy items.  Also, indulge in frequent breaks so you don’t wear out.

Get a Substitute

If you’re very sick and can’t even manage to stand up, call on a stand in! Ask a trusted friend or relative to act as your proxy in handling the move.  Of course, your signature is the one that they want, but a substitute can handle other pressing matters that don’t involve your John Hancock.

Call the Doctor

You hoped it wouldn’t end up like this, but you’re so sick and need to see a doctor.  Maybe you contracted an infection or illness requiring antibiotics or another type of prescription.  Explain to your doctor that you need an appointment ASAP or visit your local Urgent Care or comparable medical facility for immediate attention, especially if you’ve relocated to another part of the country.