Places to Take Selfies Near Our East Coast Locations

New York City

Brooklyn Bridge Countless movies have featured this bridge.  You’ll cement your memories with the selfie you take, walking across one of the oldest bridges of its kind in New York.

Times Square Best taken at night, venture to Times Square where the lights are brighter and the colors richer for a dramatic selfie right in the heart of the theater district.

Statue of Liberty Visit the original green goddess by traveling via ferry to Ellis Island.  Shots for selfies are perfect while en route or when you finally arrive and get up close and personal with our Lady Liberty.

NYC Skyline Whether you’re a native New Yorker or transplant, get a photo of yourself set against the familiar skyline for a coveted selfie you’ll never forget and everyone else who’s never been hopes to get.

Rockefeller Center Head down to midtown for a memorable, picturesque selfie in the plaza, when the famed Christmas tree is up and skating’s in session or the weather is warm and inviting.


Cape Florida Lighthouse Light up your selfie collection by visiting the Cape Florida Lighthouse for an illuminating pic.  This beautiful lighthouse will also wow you with its extensive history.

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden This educational and conservation marvel of tropical gardens provides plenty of lush settings for your selfies including butterfly havens, rainforests, fruit groves and much more.

The Kampong Another tropical garden in South Florida featuring extraordinary fruit trees, exotic flowers and much more from around the globe for you to perch under for fresh selfies.

Venetian Pool In nearby Coral Gables, you’ll discover the best place to take waterfront selfies is while swimming at this lovely public pool with gorgeous aquatic settings like waterfalls and grottoes.

Coral Castle If you’re looking for a unique selfie in an unusual place in Miami, visit the Coral Castle which is a manmade sculpture garden made entirely of coral.

Washington DC

The White House So many iconic places to take photos that it’s hard to know where to start.  How about taking your first selfie on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House? Although many areas are restricted from photo opportunities, you can snap a few in front of the gates.

National Mall To encompass the Washington Monument, reflecting pool and a majestic backdrop, shoot for multiple selfies.  You’ll capture views of several grand buildings and monuments in a central location.

Lincoln Memorial Part of the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial was built to honor President Abraham Lincoln.  Although you cannot take pictures right next to Honest Abe, the building where he resides is elegant and memorable enough for a fine selfie.

Cherry Blossoms One of the most popular times to travel to DC is when the cherry blossom trees appear.  With pink, frothy blooms surrounding the national monuments, people who view your selfie will proclaim you pretty in pink.

The Capitol The architecture of the building and famed dome will help to class up your selfie whether or not you tour the building.