Moving Trucks & Facilities

New York-based FlatRate represents one of the few moving truck companies in the world that consistently receives top marks from customers. Part of the reason are our state-of-the art storage facilities and well-maintained moving vans. On top of a large fleet of high performance trucks designed to protect customer's possessions, here are few other highlights you should know about when you want to hire a moving truck.

High-Tech Dispatch Center

Our state-of-the-art dispatch center operates one the most advanced GPS systems on earth in order to ensure your possessions arrive on time to your new home. Well-trained technicians stay in constant contact with our drivers and movers, giving customers the most recent detailed information on the status of our moving vans' location.

Setting the Moving Human Resources Standard

Our staffing office is responsible for recruiting, developing, and retaining team members, not just at our NY storage facility, but at locations around the world. The human resources staff regularly monitors employee performance and satisfaction, gauging these metrics to ensure that both our employees and customers are satisfied.

Top-Rated Customer Service for a Moving Company

The last time you contacted a NYC storage facility, was your call directed halfway across the world to a sterile customer service center? The answer is most likely yes, which doesn't sit well with the customer service professionals at FlatRate. We do our best to immediately solve customer service issues the minute they manifest. Your calls go straight to FlatRate, not a third-party company, and you never have to wait on extended hold for a solution to your problem.

Sales Center for Moving and Storage

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the FlatRate sales center operates for both in-person and telephone appointments to consummate sales transactions. Our team of over 40 highly trained sales professionals work out of numerous New York storage facilities. We know that when you a hire a moving truck, you're hiring more than a large vehicle that transports all of your stuff.

Storage Facilities in NYC

Moving truck companies like to boast about the number of NYC storage facilities that they operate. FlatRate places quality above quantity when it comes to operating moving truck services. Our contemporary NYC storage facilities offer impenetrable security features, as well as climate control systems that protect your stuff from humidity and temperature damage. FlatRate offers the widest selection of storage facility sizes in the New York City metropolitan area.

We Offer Several Types of Moving Vans NYC

Most moving truck services offer just a few van and truck sizes. You may rent an oversized truck simply to store a couple of large furniture pieces. Why should you have to pay more for a flat rate moving truck rental, when over half of the capacity of the truck remains empty? FlatRate operates NYC storage facilities catered by a wide variety of vans and trucks that match your moving needs. We offer seven different FlatRate white cab sizes and two different red cab sizes in order to meet your moving criteria. Moreover, our flat rate moving truck rental company owns trailer, private, and commercial storage trucks.

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