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10 Tips for a Smooth Move Day

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1. Get a trusted recommendation

Don’t rely on online reviews as there are many fake and paid reviews in the moving industry. When it comes to moving, trust word of mouth and ask your family and friends who have moved recently. It’s safer to trust the opinion and experience of a friend than trusting the Internet. If you know someone who had a good experience with a specific moving company, request the same service and team to avoid any issues.

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2. Seal the deal from the start

Transparency is one of the most important factors when it comes to moving: make sure you know your move’s price from the beginning to avoid confusion and extra expenses. With our all-inclusive flat rate pricing, there’s no surprise fees or hidden costs — the price you get during your free quote will stay the same until your move is complete.

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3. Make packing a priority

Packing is the heart of moving and it is crucial to treat it as a priority. Know your inventory and take the time to organize what you will be packing and what to leave to the professionals. Here’s our list of items we always pack for you to make the process even easier. If you’re moving long distance, remember to use professional boxes to prevent damage in the long journey.

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4. Pack a suitcase for the ride

A common mistake is to forget that all of your belongings will be packed and traveling for a specific period of time when you’re moving. To avoid that you wear the same outfit for a week and doesn’t brush your teeth, make sure to pack a suitcase with change of clothes, toiletries and essentials like your phone charger, medication and other personal items.

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5. Get a parking permit

If you have a driveway, organizing parking won’t be an issue but if you live in an apartment, make sure to arrange a parking permit for our moving van prior to the big day.

Move Day

6. Consider traffic

It’s always a good idea to check traffic and alternative routes so you know what to expect prior to your move day — considering traffic delays ahead of time will make the process less frustrating. Want to make your life even easier? Write down all the address you’re stopping (storage, Salvation Army, new house…) so you don’t need to do some last minute Googling.

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7. Check the weather

Just like traffic, properly preparing for the weather will make the journey quicker and easier. If it’s going to snow or thunderstorm during your move, take the precautions needed ahead of time: your checklist needs to be adaptable depending on weather and driving conditions.

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8. Cleaning & sweeping

Once everything is out of your home, take the time to quickly go around with a vacuum cleaner and make sure everything is in order for the new owners. You can also take some photos so you have evidence of the state you left the property, especially if it is a rental.

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9. Sell or donate your furniture

Moving can get expensive depending on your inventory and there’s a lot of money to be saved by deciding to not move everything. Look at it as an opportunity to declutter: sell the stuff you don’t use and donate specific items and furniture. FlatRate has partnered with the Salvation Army for our Upcycle program for years, making the donation process even easier for our customers.

10. Invest in insurance

If you have valuable items, make sure you get insurance. Check with your home insurance policy first or speak with your agent to understand what are the best options for your move. FlatRate also offers an option for full valuation based on the value of your items.

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