The answer depends on how heavy a piano is and the people involved. Specialist piano movers will be able to do more with fewer people and they’ll know exactly what it takes to safely move a piano of any weight.

Pianos range in both type and weight. How heavy is a piano will depend on the material it’s made of and the type of piano? From the smallest Spinet Piano to the biggest Concert Grand piano weight can vary greatly.

Be warned- most everyday moving companies don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to moving pianos. This is especially true for the larger horizontal ones, that have substantial piano weight.

There is a big difference between an ordinary mover and a piano expert. A piano moving expert understands how heavy a piano is and how to move them safely.

There are many different types of piano out there. The first step towards successfully moving one is to figure out which type it is,  how much the piano weighs, and how many people will be needed. The small upright piano might weigh less than 300lbs whereas a large concert grand can be more than 1000lbs.

moving into storage loading truck How Many People Does it Take to Move a Piano?

How Heavy is an Upright Piano?

Upright pianos are one of the most common types of pianos. Because upright pianos don’t take up as much space as other types of pianos, they’re more popular for residential use. However, that doesn’t mean an upright piano is easy to move or lightweight.

How much an upright piano weighs will depend on the type of upright piano. However, many upright pianos weigh between 200 to 500 lbs. Due to their size and shape, upright pianos are difficult to move and may require being disassembled to some degree. That is why it’s crucial to have a piano moving expert to move your upright piano.

Spinet Pianos

Spinets are the smallest, at about 3′ tall and 4’10” long. In terms of upright piano weight, spinets are generally the lightest. They weigh 200-300lbs and can usually be moved from room to room by two strong people.

Console Pianos

Console pianos are a little taller. They range from 3’4″ to 3’7″ in height and don’t weigh much more than a Spinet Piano. Two people are usually able to handle a Console as long as there are no stairs or difficult obstacles. If there is a flight of stairs, all pianos will need at least one extra mover.

Studio Pianos

Studio pianos are bigger again. They’re about the same length, from 3’9″ to 4′ in height, and can weigh up to 400lbs.

Studio pianos are a common type of upright pianos in music schools because they’re considered the best compromise between size and tone. A minimum of three people will be needed to move a piano of this size.

Classic Uprights

When asking how much an upright piano weighs, you’re probably wondering how much the heaviest upright piano weighs. Well, the answer to that question is the classic upright piano.  

Classic uprights are the largest of the upright family. They can weigh 500lb or more, depending on the exact variety and it will take four people or more to move one.

From there we move up a level in complexity.

How Heavy are other Types of Pianos?

Upright pianos are not the only type of piano. There are many other types of piano, all of different sizes and weights. Many of these pianos are even more complicated to move than upright pianos. It is crucial you hire a piano moving expert to move any of the following pianos.

Horizontal (grand) Pianos

Horizontal pianos are such a difficult shape that they usually need to be disassembled before moving and experts with specialist piano moving equipment are definitely required. The smaller Petite Grand will take at least three or four movers.

Baby Grand Pianos

The popular Baby Grand piano is the next step up horizontal pianos. They can be up to 5’7″ in length and weigh 500lb or more. It will take three or four people to move once the legs and pedals have been removed. Parlour Grand pianos are a little bigger but can usually be moved by a crew of the same size.

Semi-Concert (Ballroom) Pianos

Semi-concert pianos are around 7′ in size and it’ll take four or five strong movers to handle one safely. The biggest of all, the Concert Grand, is a full 2′ longer and a lot heavier. It can take anything up to half a dozen people to move a full-sized Concert Grand and great care should be taken- a fine example could be worth $50,000 or more.

Even if your piano is a more modest horizontal, it’s always best to get specialist piano movers to handle the job. They’ll be able to help with disassembly and reassembly and they’ll have all the equipment required to handle large and valuable instruments. Any piano is a difficult thing to move and each one is a thing of beauty. As any music lover will tell you, they deserve careful treatment.


how many people move piano How Many People Does it Take to Move a Piano?How Many People Does it Take to Move a Piano?

It can take up to four people to move a piano. It could take two to three if it is a small piano like a spinet.



spinet piano weight How Many People Does it Take to Move a Piano?The Average Spinet Piano Weight Is:

A spinet piano weighs about 200-300lbs.
And it can usually be moved by two strong people.



upright piano weight1 How Many People Does it Take to Move a Piano?How Much Does an Upright Piano Weigh?

A classic upright piano typically weighs between 500 and 800 pounds. It usually takes at least four people to move an upright piano.



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