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The UPCYCLE Advantage

When you upcycle goods, the benefits are plentiful. Not to mention, you have also cleared up some of your new living quarters – free of charge! Now that’s good for business and the environment. By facilitating the delivery of our customer’s goods, we make it easy to give back during this hectic time in your life.

Donate your unwanted goods

FlatRate Upcycle Program

You’ve likely heard the term upcycle by now: it’s when you convert waste into a product of better value. Unlike recycling (aka – downcycling) which can degrade the quality of the recycled material with each incarnation, upcycling takes old stuff and makes it even better. When you upcycle goods you are not only giving them a new lease on life, you are likely getting materials into the hands of someone who otherwise might have never acquired them.

How It Works

FlatRate will provide you with two free UPCYCLE boxes. These are designed so you can fill them with all of the toys, books, clothes, and small household goods that you do not want to take with you. Then FlatRate will deliver your UPCYCLE boxes directly to the Salvation Army warehouse in the Bronx where goods will be distributed to New York area stores. Just remember to keep an itemized list of donations for tax season!