Flatrate | Secure Art Storage: Protecting Your Precious Collections

Moving and storage strategies for fine art

Relocating your fine art isn't just a move; it’s an art form itself. Our team of expert art moving professionals have curated a detailed and precise moving and storage strategy that can be catered to any need, ensuring every brushstroke, sculpture, and masterpiece is handled and stored with the utmost care.

FlatRate Moving Art and Storage Services

Our storage facilities are designed to cater to the preservation and safekeeping of fine art, decorative art, interior design and archives. Here are the services we provide:

Professional art handler carefully transporting a painting

Fine Art Packing & Handling

Our expert art movers are trained and have decades of experience with art moving. Every detail is taken into account, and only the highest quality of packing materials and techniques are used when handling artwork.

Flatrate consultant presenting documents to a client during a personalized art storage consultation

Insurance and Inventory Documentation

When you move with FlatRate, the safety of your collection is of the highest priority. Your inventory will be insured by one of our highest levels of valuation protection, mitigating financial risk. All items will be documented to the finest detail, ensuring all artworks are accounted for and arrive in pristine condition to the final destination.

Flatrate delivery truck with rear door open, ready for art storage or transportation

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Regular maintenance and inspections are done to our storage facilities and transportation fleets to ensure everything is up to the highest standard and code.

Secure storage unit door closed and locked with a padlock for art protection

Climate Controlled Storage

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities offer digitally monitored, climate-controlled environments, ensuring that your artwork is preserved to the highest museum standards. This includes AC and humidity control.

Art storage shelters illuminated with overhead lighting

Generator Installation

In case of electricity problems, we have a generator installed to ensure all units will have proper storage in the event of a main power outage.

Flatrate security personnel monitoring storage facility cameras for enhanced security.


24/7 surveillance of all storage facilities ensures your artwork is protected at all times.

Private storage rooms available for secure art preservation

Private Rooms

We offer storage solutions that will suit your unique needs. Whether you prefer a private room or our flexible storage options, we have solutions that will cater to all art enthusiasts, whether you’re a seasoned private collector or an artist yourself.

Flatrate consultant demonstrating the client how the artwork viewing app works for convenient storage access.


Clients will have the ability to view their artwork while it is in storage.


Enjoy all-inclusive flat rate pricing for all your art moving and storage needs. We price based on inventory, distance and complexity, giving you an accurate quote, eliminating all hidden fees and surprise costs.

Our storage pricing is determined by the size and duration of the unit you choose. Whether you need to stay short or long term, we offer cost effective options with security and convenience.

Flatrate mover carefully packing a custom lamp into a wooden crate for safe transportation

Additional Services

Our additional services include:

  • Art Installation: We plan the placement of each piece considering lighting, spacing and aesthetic viewing in both public and private spaces.
  • Custom Carpentry: We craft tailored solutions for display and storage needs. This can include frames, specialized mounts, wooden elements and custom wooden crates for transportation.

Fine Arts Storage

FlatRate Moving takes pride in providing high-end services for fine art moving and storage. Our personalized plans go beyond transportation and offer a moving experience crafted for the true connoisseur. Contact FlatRate Moving today to discuss your specific art moving or storage needs and begin planning today!

Flatrate mover demonstrating the meticulous packing process for fine art items to a client