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Valuation Coverage Options

All our moving & storage plans include free Basic coverage—or you can upgrade for added protection.

Basic(Released Value)

$0 basic coverage

$0.60/lb maximum coverage

This is a lower level of protection provided at no additional cost beyond the base rate; however, it provided any minimal protection that considerably less than the average value of households goods.

Full Value Protection

$50 for $10k worth of coverage

For $10,000 Full Value Protection Coverage, you pay $50 for a $500 deductible*

This is the most comprehensive plan available for the protection of your goods.
* Local & Long Distance: Max. 100k coverage, Elite White Glove: Max. 150k coverage.

3rd Party Protection

Maximum 150k coverage

FlatRate Moving partners with 3rd party providers. In the event you need more than our Full Value Protection for any moving services, please inquire with your FlatRate Moving Specialist about your needs.


To help you understand the differences and choose your protection plan, here’s a potential scenario for a covered loss:

Despite your mover’s best efforts, your full shipment valued $10,000 arrives damaged.

Basic(Released Value)

The moving company pays you:

460lbs x $0.60 = $276

Full Value Protection

The moving company pays you:

$10,000 - $500 deductible = $9,500

From the example above, you can clearly see the extra layer of security that full-value protection provides. If anything happens to one of the items in your inventory, the moving company will pay to make it right.

So in addition to the coverage you get when you invest in full-value protection, you’ll also secure the peace of mind from knowing you’re covered just in case anything happens during your move.

FlatRate Valuation/Coverage

FlatRate Moving employs the best movers in the industry. We provide extensive training in addition to a ‘moving school’ program that must be completed by each and every mover that joins our company, no matter how experienced. Unfortunately, human error is always a possibility, with many other factors outside of our control such as weather conditions, car accidents, and any other acts of God that may intervene with our trucks and your shipments.

Why purchase FlatRate Valuation?

Without valuation, your possessions are only covered at 60 cents per pound (as required by the department of transportation). If you have a flat screen TV, but it only weighs 10 pounds, your coverage without Valuation would calculate to $6.00.

At FlatRate, we take pride in the low percentage claims filed.  In 2018, only 5% of our moves had claims filed vs. the
national average of a whopping 20%! That being said, for peace of mind, add FlatRate’s valuation to know you’re covered.

How is FlatRate Valuation calculated?

Valuation is calculated (depending on the state/federal jurisdiction) based on the value of the entire shipment as set by you, the customer.

Our valuation is based on your declared value of the items, and covers the entire shipment. We suggest listing your high-value items to ensure that they’re covered.

What are the costs?

Local Moves:
$50 for $10,000 of coverage + $5 for every $1,000 of coverage. For example, $12,000 of valuation has a cost of $60.

Long Distance or Mid-distance moves (interstate, 400+ round trip miles):
$130 for $10,000 of coverage for our minimum shipment. Anything larger will be calculated by our relocation specialist.

There is a $500 deductible to recover claims for damages or loss. For example, for a local NY move we charge $5 per thousand of the value of items being moved. For LD (Long Distance, or Federal) moves, we charge $13 per thousand.

What happens if you need to file a claim?

Our movers are encouraged to document any damage incurred, so that we can immediately begin working on finding a solution, be it a replacement or repairing the damage.

If you discover any damage or missing items, we encourage you to reach out to our Claims department either by emailing or calling us at (877)695-2595. We may ask for photos and valuations declared, and take action upon receiving the necessary information.

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