Where you keep your precious valuables during a move is vital to their safety and security.  Although you may believe every person you come across as trustworthy, it only takes one theft to change your mind.  Why risk it when you could prevent it?  Learn below the security measures you can take to keep your valuables safe when you move.

Take Inventory

Before you undertake any moving activity take inventory of your belongings. Decide what you consider valuable and also what items hold great value beyond the sentimental and could attract sticky fingers.  Then figure out where to store them during the moving process.  When you take inventory directly before moving day, take photos of your possessions as proof that they were present that day in case they are misplaced, stolen, or broken.

Store in Safety Deposit Box

If you don’t require immediate access, storing important papers, expensive jewelry and other treasured heirlooms in a safety deposit box is an option.  For a fee, your bank will store your valuables which will safeguard them until you’ve settled in your new place.  Remember that you shouldn’t keep cash or anything you need immediately for identification purposes.

Store with Friends or Relatives

If you have trustworthy friends or relatives willing to hold onto your valuables for you while you move, you may want to accept the offer.  Along with making sure they are honorable, find out how they will store the items.  If you feel any trepidation about their storage methods, revisit other options.

Hiding Places

You may keep your valuables under lock and key already but finding different hiding places is a must when moving.  Tuck valuables deep within your suitcase or in boxes specifically marked with misleading labels like Christmas Ornaments that you keep with you, suggests the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Fill Out Declaration Forms

Moving companies can offer you the opportunity to fill out declaration forms for your expensive valuables.  Once you fill out the forms, the moving company will recognize that those particular items require special care and act accordingly.  Visit the Elite page on our website for how to consult with a moving specialist about moving your prized possessions.

Watch How You Pack

Pack with purpose.  Protect your belongings so they can move with you to your new home.  The simplest way to do that is by using quality packing supplies which we can provide.  Sturdy boxes are carefully packed and labeled with heavy-duty tape securing their works to give you peace of mind.

Ensure That You’re Insured

Opt for moving insurance to protect your belongings from harm or theft.  Check with your moving company or with us.   Your possessions are safe with us – just talk to our moving professionals about our insurance options.  Also, talk to your home insurance agent to see what’s covered between moves in your policy and if you can get extra coverage for more valuable items.

You Can Take It With You

The most reliable to know your valuables are safe is to keep them with you.  Jewelry, important personal papers, electronics, and your medical prescriptions – any of these items are best kept with you.

Stay Off Social Media

Selfies showing off your crown jewels will only attract potential thieves.  Another poor post to publish is one detailing your move.  Maybe you want friends to gaze enviously at your new digs but save it for the housewarming party.  Not everything you post stays with just friends.