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The Safest Way to Move & Store Your Items

FlatRate Moving has a variety of full service storage solutions designed to provide you with a secure and convenient space to store your belongings during your move. Whether you need short-term or long-term moving solutions, FlatRate Moving can assure your items will be safe, protected and easily accessible whenever you need them. Before entering the storage unit, FlatRate movers will pack and wrap all your items to protect them from accumulating dust. Each unit is monitored 24/7 and climate controlled. Items within the storage unit will be barcoded with an optional photo inventory to ensure all items are accounted for. When you are in need of your items, or want to take them out of storage completely, partial or full delivery options are available.

Full Service Storage vs Self Storage

FlatRate Moving’s full service storage solutions are curated to handle every aspect of storing your belongings so you don’t have too.

Our team of experienced professionals will:

  • Pack and wrap all your belongings specially for storage protection
  • Transport them to the storage facility
  • Place them in a locked private unit with 24/7 monitors.

When you are in need of your items, or want to take them out of storage completely, partial or full delivery options are available.

Self storage provides you with a clean, dry and secure place to store your belongings for as long as you need, however, rather than having a company handle your items and put them into storage, you move your own stuff into and out of the unit. Self storage is more work for you and requires you to properly wrap and pack your own items so they will be safe from dust or extreme weather conditions.

Man planning and coordinating the move
Young man packing books inside a red plastic box

How You Can Save on Storage

If you are looking to save money on storage here are some tips to help you maximize your storage space:

  • Use stacking containers: stackable containers can help you utilize the most space you have available in your storage unit
  • Use vacuum-sealed bags: these bags compress clothing, bedding and other soft items also giving you more space within the unit
  • Disassemble furniture
  • Utilize hanging racks: to maximize vertical space and organize your items

It’s also important to pay attention to how long you will be using the unit. It is common for people to plan to store for a short period of time, and end up using the unit for longer than expected. Make sure the items you are storing are items you actually need so you’re not paying for items you decide to get rid of.

Why Furniture Needs to be Wrapped and Protected When They are Stored

Just as it is important to wrap and protect your items while moving, it’s important to wrap and protect them while they are in storage. FlatRate Moving employs professional packing techniques to ensure the safe storage of your items.

This is achieved by:

  • Utilization of high quality packing materials and techniques
  • Proper wrapping of furniture
  • Utilization of furniture blankets and padding
  • Careful stacking and organization of belongings
  • Climate-controlled storage units

During the transportation process your items can be at risk of bumps and scratches. Having proper wrapping done will minimize this risk completely. Once your items are inside the storage unit, the proper coverage will be useful to prevent dust build up and protect against extreme weather.

Lady wrapping furnitures
Man wrapping a board

Special Materials We Use for Packing and Wrapping in Preparation of Storage

Prior to leaving any item in the storage unit, it is important to properly pack and wrap that item. Items that will be placed in storage have specialized packing instructions to ensure full coverage and protection from anything that could potentially damage the item such as dust or moisture.

This specialized packing includes:

  • All items will be sealed and covered. For example, if you decide to move a couch into storage, the couch will be shrink wrapped and then wrapped in a moving blanket and then shrink wrapped again.
  • Furniture items can be disassembled before wrapping and reassembled once taken out of storage by our team.
  • Packing materials are of the highest quality

Benefits of Using FlatRate for Your Storage Moves

With FlatRate Movings storage solutions, we make it effortless and stress-free to relocate your belongings and keep them safe and secure.

Using FlatRate Moving for your storage solutions offers several benefits such as:

  • Secure storage facility with 24/7 monitoring
  • Climate controlled storage units to safeguard items
  • Inventory management to easily keep track of your belongings
  • Professional packing and handling
  • Convenient access to items in storage

Our door-to-door storage options make it effortless and stress-free to relocate your belongings to your unit. We will arrange pick up from your home, and deliver those items to the storage facility. In the near future when you are ready to have your belongings, we will deliver them to you.

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About FlatRate

We started moving 20 30 years ago in the Big Apple, quickly becoming the best movers NYC has to offer, and the top choice for New York storage facilities. But it didn’t take long to carry that reputation over into local, long-distance and international relocation services. Whether you need to move from NYC to LA, 5th Ave to 7th, or simply need to pick up some boxes and tape for your next move, we have you covered every step of the way. Learn more about FlatRate Moving.