Key Features

Curious about our moving app and online portal? Here’s what you can do with it:

Create and track your own photo inventory

Keep track of your stuff with high-quality photos our staff took for you. You can continue to add and edit the inventory up to 1 day before the move.

My FlatRate photo inventory

Manage your move days and times

Need to make changes to your move plan the day before your move? No Problem! My FlatRate makes it easy for you to edit your move plan. We simply ask that you take 1-2 minutes to confirm your move details on My FlatRate up to one day before the move.

Track your trucks and message your movers in real-time

Want to know where we are? Need a last-minute reschedule? No problem, just shoot us a text.

My FlatRate conversation
MyFlatRate rate screen

Rate your move, leave feedback, and tip your movers

Happy with your move? leave us a review and feedback about your experience! You can also tip your movers using your phone, and forget about carrying cash in your pocket.

Retrieve storage items

When you have anything in our storage facilities, send us a message and we’ll get what’s yours back to you.

MyFlatRate Storage Items
A desktop monitor and an smartphone both display the FlatRate moving app

Manage your move
with the FlatRate app

Manage your move on our portal

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Frederica D.
New York • May 18, 2020

WOW! This moving company is awesome! Thank you, Flatrate Moving for doing the best job in my big complicated move, your team worked very hard, and I finally was able…

Barton T.
New York • May 18, 2020

Flatrate moving has the best team working with them! I was amazed at the hard working men that showed up to my door on moving day they made my day…

Seth K.
New York • May 18, 2020

Flatrate makes moving almost enjoyable!  We have used Flatrate many times and this time moving during NY on Pause and Covid 19 was our easiest move. Everything from our pre-move…

Christopher F.
New York • May 16, 2020

Most reliable moving company I have ever worked with. Flatrate moving was able to fit me into their schedule within one day, they have great customer service not only when…

Terry F.
New York • May 16, 2020

Over the top moving experience thanks to Flatrate moving! Such a professional moving team, I was able to have a stress free moving since they were very hard working and…

Pearl M.
New York • May 12, 2020

Flatrate Moving helped me through a big overwhelming move, they did it perfectly. They were very organized, and the team worked well together making sure the move was progressing quickly!…

Marilyn C.
New York • May 11, 2020

Thank you flatrate moving for providing such a great moving experience! I was really stressed out and just needed a reliable team to make the process smooth and you guys…

Anton H.
New York • May 11, 2020

Highly recommended. Affordable long distance move was completed from New York to Atlanta in a matter of days.  All parties involved were extremely prompt, informative and careful. Move could not…