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Corporate Relocation Solutions Designed for Professionals

At FlatRate Moving, we understand the complexities of corporate relocation. Our team of moving experts have curated corporate moving solutions specifically designed to meet the unique needs of executives and businesses. We offer services such as executive relocation, full-service packing, unpacking, and specialized carpentry and installation. With decades of experience, meticulous planning, and expert execution, we ensure a seamless and stress-free transition for your entire team and business. Discover how FlatRate Moving can elevate your corporate moving experience.

Solutions designed for executives and businesses

At FlatRate Moving, our decades of experience has redefined corporate moving, offering solutions designed to meet the needs of all executives and businesses. Here are the services we offer:

Man wraping a table to protect it

Full-Service Packing, Unpacking and Storage

Our all-inclusive full-service move includes meticulous packing, efficient unpacking and storage solutions to meet all your corporate moving needs. For each item, our expert movers have a specialized approach to ensure everything arrives safely at your new business location.

Man packing art with flat boxes
Two men downloading a wood box from the moving truck

Carpentry and Installation

At FlatRate Moving we have a designated team that specializes in carpentry and installation curated specially for executives and businesses. Our carpentry and installation services include:

  • Expert Assembly: Assembly and disassembly of office furniture and equipment.
  • Custom Installations: We install custom made fixtures, shelving and custom-built elements to enhance your corporate space.
  • Office Furniture Setup: From executive suites to collaborative workspaces, every room is strategically set up.
  • Specialized Equipment Installation: Secure installation of all office equipment. 


Moving boxes neatly arranged and cataloged, captured in a photograph.

Photo Inventory

FlatRate uses a detailed photo and inventory system to track and organize your move.  We provide accurate and digital documentation throughout the entire relocation process so you always know where your belongings are.

Lady organizing the moving boxes

Setup According to Floor Plan

Our team will work with you to complete a detailed floor plan. Down to every inch, our team will know where to unpack and set up everything to ensure a seamless transition and minimal downtime to your business operations. 

Two men carefully transporting an art picture

Art Moving

Our expert movers specialize in the secure transport and handling of valuable and fragile art pieces. Trained to handle any type of artwork with the utmost care, you can trust our movers will relocate your artwork with precision. 

Movers posing with smiling and satisfied clients after successful relocation

When you move with FlatRate, you’ll have an expertly planned and executed corporate moving experience. From start to finish, our team will guide you through each step of your professional relocation, ensuring your business is moved and back up and running in no time.