Art & Antiques - Flatrate Moving

Protecting and Moving Your Valuables with Expertise

From expert packing to private storage, we offer safe handling of your most precious and important belongings.

Expert packing

The finest protection

We go the extra mile to ensure that all of your belongings are protected. Our expert packing methods start with only using the highest quality moving & packing materials. From specialized boxes and crates for each type of item, to double layered blankets for extra protection. Our weekly mover training classes ensure every team knows has an expert who can safely pack each item so that they will arrive in the same condition.

Photo Inventory
We keep track of everything

Photo inventory

A best practice for moving art and antique items is noting & photographing each item before they are packed. At FlatRate, you can request our movers to take a photo inventory or you can easily take photos too. Using our new App we make it easy for you to document your items before the move.

Moving & Packing Services
Year-round protection

Climate and humidity controls

Depending on the time of year and the type of item, climate can become an issue. Temperature and humidity fluctuations can have negative effects on delicate pieces when being relocated across town or the country. In order to prevent this FlatRate has climate controlled trucks & facilities to ensure your items are protected until they are ready for final delivery.

Moving Crates

Built for your needs

Custom wood crates

Custom crates are designed and built to protect each item throughout the move. Each crate is custom built in our Bronx facility to the exact dimensions of your artwork or antique items.

storage room

Clean, safe & secure

Art & antique storage

Art & Antique storage can be provided during the move. Our storage facilities are highly secured with 24/7 security and video monitoring. Each facility is climate controlled and cleaned daily to prevent dust accumulation.