FlatRate Moving in the Press

The New York Times

Your Move, Their Headache

New York City is always shifting, as new people arrive with suitcases stuffed with hope and ambition, replacing others who have packed up and moved on…
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Far From Home, Helping Others Relocate

You can’t find a lot of guys to do moving jobs in New York because they think it’s very hard to do it….
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The New Yorker

A Little To the Left

Notre Dame had President Obama, N.Y.U. had Hillary Clinton, but for their final lecture before summer the students at Mover University, a training school run by FlatRate moving company, in the Bronx, had the same kind of speaker they always have….
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New York Magazine

FlatRate Moving Moves Supplies Into Sandy-Affected Areas

The moving service has been busy after the storm, dispatching trucks and hauling supplies to Staten Island, Coney Island, Howard Beach, and the Rockaways. Next week, the company will return to the Rockaways, and separately, will deliver 3,500 Thanksgiving dinners to shelters….
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Wall Street Journal

Businesses Seek Relief From Rain

In June, revenues for Marilyn Schlossbach and Scott Szegeski’s four New Jersey restaurants shrank by 40% from a year ago. The recession was partly to blame, but so was another culprit: rain. That month there was nearly eight inches….
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Daily News

Bronx borough goes eco-conscious: From rooftop gardens to solar panels

FlatRate Moving and Storage begin buying eco-friendly trucks using special toxin-reducing filters, as its general counsel David Giampietro put it, “to be an active part of the community rather than take a toll on it.” FlatRate also installed a 50,000-watt solar power system for its new 40,000-square-foot facility….
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