Unparalleled Luxury Moving Teams That Deliver The Ultimate Experience

Moving doesn't have to be a loud & stressful affair. Our professional crews will peacefully complete your relocation with as little noise as possible. Elite Services benefit from discrete black moving trucks, special handling, and top-of-the-line packing & protection materials.

  1. Enjoy a silent move with Elite Movers

    Silent Moving Experience

    • No-noise tape prevents listening to hours of pulling and tearing
    • Headsets for our luxury movers ensure nobody talks above normal volume
    • As little noise as possible through careful planning, soft steps and deliberate movements
  2. Luxury Moving Services - Flat Rate White Glove Movers

    Luxury Protection

    • Highest quality blankets protect valuable furniture and bulky items
    • Double-layer boxes provide next-level protection, preventing crushed or torn belongings
    • Dust covers ensures that items arrive as clean as they were before the move
    • Custom wood crating is built by skilled carpenters
    • Clean & climate-controlled trucks keep your valuables in perfect condition
  3. Luxury Building move

    Luxury Building Management

    • An all in-house team that are experts at working with building management
    • A Certificate of Insurance is always provided to allow us to move within any building
    • Our discrete black trucks protect your privacy and property
  4. Top Rated Moving Service - Flat Rate Movers

    Scanned Photo Inventory

    • Digital photos provided for every item we pack and deliver
    • Bar coding for each item ensures complete accountability
    • Item tracking makes it easy to find and access anything you need

Why We're Perfect For Your High-End Move

Our specially-trained, Elite White Glove Movers are experts when it comes to handling the finer things in life, and they provide the attention and skill of a truly specialized luxury moving company. If you are moving from an exclusive building, or have expensive collections, large artwork, ancient artifacts, one-of-a-kind sculptures, vintage instruments or designer furniture, call on our office today and we will execute your move flawlessly.

Our white glove movers are experts at moving the following:

What Our Customers Are Saying

For this move we had FlatRate Elite pack and move us all in one day (from CT to NYC). They had our entire 2 bedroom 1000 sq ft apt packed up in under 4 hours and not a single thing was broken or damaged during the move. Our team consisted of Armando Ble and Daniel and they were both friendly and extremely professional. They arrived early and were very efficient at their job, even helping us arrange some of the furniture at the new apartment. It was raining on the day of our move and they ensured that our furniture was wrapped well and nothing was damaged by rain. During the move, a customer service representative contacted us to ask how the move was going. We had no issues, but this provides a way for the customer to address any issues from the beginning. I would highly recommend FlatRate to everyone!

Milea V.

We had a serious problem with moving a 9ft, 1,000lbs Steinway concert grand piano into a 34th floor apt of a modern midtown building. The original piano mover, a well-known one recommended by Steinway & Sons, claimed it could not be done because they were convinced the hallway leading to the apartment was too narrow. This meant we would have to give up the apartment! Enter Flat Rate Elite, the high-end unit of Flat Rate. They agreed it would be a tight squeeze, but Flat Rate Elite went the extra mile, built a full-size, 3d mock-up of the concert grand, and moved it through the building, the elevator, the hallway, and into the apartment without a hitch. So Flat Rate Elite got the job and saved the day. They took superb care in wrapping the piano, brought extra personnel to assist, and executed this challenging move to perfection

Michiel K.
Storage Room

And Check Out Our Luxury Storage Facilities, Too

From a single item, to the contents of a three-story building, we can arrange the perfect storage space solution for your needs. Our team will pick up, deliver and carefully arrange your items whenever you say the word, 365 days a year. Enjoy the peace-of-mind you get from on-site security teams and climate-controlled units.