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The Ultimate
Moving Experience

Moving doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Our unparalleled white glove moving service and team will complete your relocation with as little noise as possible, benefiting from discrete black moving trucks, special handling and top-of-the-line packing & protection materials.

Complete White Glove
Moving Services

With exclusive black moving trucks, a highly trained team and quality packing & protection, our white glove moving service provides the best at the following:

The Elite Differential

Our specially-trained white glove movers are experts when it comes to handling the finer things in life — always providing the attention and skill of a truly specialized luxury moving company. If you are moving from an exclusive building or have expensive collections, large artwork, ancient artifacts, one-of-a-kind sculptures, vintage instruments or designer furniture, call FlatRate today and learn more about our white glove moving service.

Luxury Building Management

  • In-house team of experts experienced with luxury building management
  • Certificate of Insurance always provided to allow us to move within any building
  • Discrete black trucks protecting your privacy and property

Silent Moving Experience

  • No-noise tape preventing listening to hours of pulling and tearing
  • Headsets for our luxury movers ensuring nobody talks above normal volume
  • As little noise as possible through careful planning, soft steps and deliberate movements

Attention to privacy

Your privacy is our priority. With FlatRate’s white glove moving service you can move anonymously and enjoy your moving experience while benefiting from our discrete black moving trucks, silent moving services and understating of luxury building management.

Luxury Protection

  • Highest quality blankets to protect valuable furniture and bulky items
  • Double-layer boxes for next-level protection, preventing crushed or torn belongings
  • Dust covers ensuring that items arrive as clean as they were before the move
  • Custom wood crating built by skilled carpenters
  • Clean & climate-controlled trucks keeping your valuables in perfect condition

High-end Storage

In addition to our white glove moving services, FlatRate offers short term storage prior to your move. Our global network of storage facilities will keep your items safe if your new home isn’t ready for everything all at once, and then ship to you when needed. With 24/7 security, photo inventory, and door-to-door service, you can relax knowing that your items are safe while being stored outside of your home.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Moving is your worst nightmare, next only to masking all day or going to the dentist. So I was nervous to engage a mover when I had to recently leave my apartment, with furniture and all, for a floor renovation. FlatRate’s Elite service was referenced in a New York Times article and they seemed like just what the doctor ordered. A large part of your moving experience is driven by the rep who is pricing and coordinating the move on your behalf. I was paired up with [S] who did a video call with me to review my apartment and come up with an estimate. My move was complex in that some of my furniture and other belongings were being stored in the kitchen, some in my kind neighbor’s apartment, with the remainder going to storage. There was some confusion about whether the estimate included the move back from storage to my apartment, but [S] sorted it out quickly and agreed to include that move at no extra charge. I texted and called him dozens of times, and each time he respon...

Srini V.

New York

Courteous and Professional

Due to Covid, we sold our apartment in BK, and will get another one when things settle down. FlatRate white-glove packed us and will store our belongings indefinitely. They were Courteous and Professional throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend them.

Adam H.

New York

WONDERFUL, caring, meticulously packing and reliable

I CANNOT Stress enough HOW WONDERFUL, caring, meticulously packing and Reliable this company was. They not only got the 3 hour job done in 2.5 hours but arrived 1/2 hour before time allocated. [The movers] were amazing to work with. Extremely polite and well mannered. AGAIN HIRE FlatRate Movers, they mean what they say and say what they mean, NOW where can you find this ANY WHERE these days…..VERY Pleased with their Top Notch White glove service. I have not only already recommended them but will continue to do so. BTW I was also recommended so you see it’s all about word of mouth. Thanks GUYS for the GREAT job you all did, I will miss you all…..