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At FlatRate Moving we take long distance moving seriously. From the initial sales consultation to arriving safely at your new home, our team of moving experts provides detailed planning for every step of the moving process so your transition is as smooth as it can be.
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Long Distance Moving in 5 Steps

1. Get free quote

2. Get move plan

3. Pickup

4. Hauling

5. Delivery

Does Long Distance Moving Really Need to be Complex?

With long distance moving being one of the most complex moving services to provide, there is a lot to take into account. Moving long distances requires:
  • Longer moving process: due to distance and a more detailed logistics.
  • Specialized packing procedures: to ensure items are safe and secure for long distance transportation.
  • Utilizing high quality packing materials and boxes.
  • Longer transportation will result in a longer delivery window.
  • Different moving regulations per state: permits and insurance requirements.
  • The cost of a long distance move varies depending on the size of your move, the distance of your move and any additional services you may need during your move.

Consolidated Moving

When moving, there are many different services that can be provided to best suit all of your needs. Consolidated moving is one of these services that is cost-effective and ideal for people who are moving long distances no matter the size of the haul. It is also known as shared moving or group moving. During a consolidated move, customers will share the same moving truck or container for their belongings.

If you’re looking to move long distances, you’re on a moving budget, or don’t have a large amount of items to move, consolidated shipping could be beneficial to your moving needs. Consolidated shipping has very positive reviews and feedback from customers, some even say it’s one of the best long distance moving ideas.

Here is how consolidated moving works with with FlatRate Moving:


  • Each moving trailer is shared between 4-10 clients.
  • A delivery window will be given to each client between 6-10 days.
  • The moving shipment will be delivered within the delivery window provided.
  • Due to the shared space on the trailer, consolidated moving results in significant savings.
Movers truck back door

Long Distance Direct Service to any Destination

If you are planning a long distance move and need direct moving services to any destination, FlatRate Movings exclusive service is the answer.

With exclusive services, you are in full control and you can rest assured your move will be seamless.

FlatRate Movings exclusive services include:


  • An entire trailer that will be contracted out only for your shipment.
  • Quicker shipment and delivery process to your new destination.
  • Full control of pick up and delivery dates and times.
  • Direct transportation from pick up destination.
3 movers working near the Flatrate truck

Extra Safety on Long Distance Moves

Moving mishaps are uncommon but can happen during a long distance move. When moving long distances, the risk of scratched or damaged items is increased due to the complexity of the moving process. In some cases, your items will be handled various times throughout the moving process.

Extra safety precautions and details ensure every long distance move is efficient and stress-free.

In order to minimize moving mishaps, these extra safety precautions are taken into account:


  • A team of highly skilled and experienced long distances movers are present.
  • Movers are trained to take every precaution into account when handling items.
  • Specific and detailed wrapping and packing techniques are utilized.
  • The highest quality of moving supplies and boxes are used.
Movers moving a fragile box

Special Materials FlatRate Moving Uses for a Long Distance Move

FlatRate Moving takes the protection of your items seriously so you can have peace of mind during your move. We utilizes top-of-the-line packing methods and materials of the highest quality to ensure your items are safe the entirety of your move.

Every item of your move will be taken into account, measured, and wrapped and packed specifically to cater to each individual item.

Here are some ways FlatRate Moving uses special materials and procedures for a long distance move:

  • Glassware and plates are wrapped separately and placed in their respective boxes to maximize protection.
  • All furniture is double wrapped using moving blankets and shrinkwrap.
  • Double layer moving boxes are available for extra protection.
  • Custom wood crates can be made to the specific dimensions of select items.
Boxes and photo record pasted on boxes

We Simplify Long Distance Moving

FlatRate Moving simplifies long distance moving by offering options to fit your specific moving needs.

Highly experienced with long distance moving, FlatRate has all the necessary tips, tricks, equipment and resources to handle any long distance move efficiently. Our team will ensure your long distance move is seamless.

These long distance moving solutions include:

  • All-inclusive flat rate pricing guarantee.
  • Long distance moves are priced based on mileage, volume, and complexity.
  • No unexpected costs or fees during the moving process.
  • Customizable moving plan that will fit all your needs.
  • Packing and unpacking services.
  • Pick up and delivery options.
  • Storage solutions.
Mover delivering boxes

How You Can Save on a Long Distance Move

Moving can be expensive, but with proper planning, research and budgeting, there are various ways you can save money.

Many long distance moving companies charge by the weight of your move. Pricing by weight does not bring you the best value because unexpected costs and fees can arise. With FlatRate Moving’s guaranteed all-inclusive flat rate pricing, we will price your move based on mileage, volume, and complexity, so you can be sure your long distance move comes with no surprise fees.

FlatRate Moving also offers various shipping and delivery options such as consolidated shipping, where a moving trailer is shared between 4-10 clients, resulting in a cost effective long distance moving option.

If you’ve been doing research about different moving companies online and have received moving quotes, make sure you understand the services that are included so there are no surprise fees. With FlatRate Moving’s guaranteed flat rate pricing, you can be sure the amount agreed upon will be the amount you are charged.

Here are some general moving tips on saving:

  • Declutter and sell what you no longer need.
  • Book your move in advance or during the off season to get the best rates.
  • Utilize consolidated moving solutions.
  • Compare moving company prices before booking.
Movers moving furnitures on the street

What's Best For my Long Distance Move?

Every move is unique and FlatRate knows how to deal with every moving situation. Contact us and one of our Relocation Specialists will work with you to find the best option for your move.
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Frequent destinations

With decades of experience and a notorious global network, there isn’t a place FlatRate can't successfully relocate you to.
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Express routes and timing

Click here for long distance moving costs, we will not ask your name and email!


Express Time

Consolidated Time

From NYC/DC to Orlando/Miami

4 - 7
6 - 9

From NYC/DC to LA/SF

5 - 9
8 - 11

From NYC/DC to Dallas

8 - 11

From NYC/DC to Houston/Austin

5 - 9
8 - 11

From NYC to Seattle

7 - 14

From NYC to Chicago

5 - 7
7 - 9

From LA/SF to Orlando/Miami

7 - 15


7 - 12

From SF/LA to Dallas/Houston/Austin

7 - 12
*Duration days shown here are business days.

Our protection for your peace of mind

  • Glassware and plates: Each have their separate box and procedure to maximize protection.
  • Furniture: All double wrapped.
  • Double layer moving boxes: available for extra protection during longer trips
  • Crating: We build custom wood crates specific to the dimensions of your items for the highest level of protection

Did we also mention…

  • Floor & Wall Protection: We use masonite in every move to protect floors and corner & wall protection to make sure your building will be in the same condition after your move.
  • Guaranteed Delivery Dates: With advanced notice and planning, FlatRate Moving is able to confirm the exact date your items will arrive at your new home. This is a special service we offer to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home will be ready and you can move in on the day you plan to arrive at your new residence.
FlatRate movers carry a plastic wrapped piece of furniture
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Got questions? We've got answers

Can I choose a day within the delivery window that works best for me to receive my delivery?

Unfortunately, you (or someone you assign) must be available to receive delivery…

How long does it generally take for my items to arrive?

With our express shuttles we can move from NYC to FL in 5 days and NYC to CA in 10 days. Most of our shipments are between 7 – 14 days.

What happens if you deliver outside of my delivery window?

We try our best to deliver your items within the given window. In the event the window is no longer possible, our dispatcher will contact you ahead of time.