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Specializing in local operations for the past 28 years, FlatRate has moved over 200,000 customers in the US and is a leading provider of residential moving services in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, New Jersey, Orlando, and London. With a broad national network and a high-quality moving team, FlatRate focuses on local knowledge and meticulous planning — key factors that always guarantee a flawless move.
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Your stress-free local move in 4 Steps

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Local Moving Services

FlatRate Moving has perfected the process of local moving. With decades of experience, we provide all-inclusive moving services that are fully customizable to fit any local moving need.

These local moving services include:

  • Guaranteed flat rate pricing with all labor and travel expenses included
  • Personalized and customizable moving plan and schedule
  • Packing and wrapping of all furniture
  • Floor, corner and hallway protection

FlatRate Moving local moving services can be tailored to fit all your moving needs.

What Our Price Includes

At FlatRate Moving, we prioritize transparency in pricing to eliminate any surprise or hidden fees. With our guaranteed flat rate pricing, we ensure your move is as cost effective as possible.

Additional moving services can be provided upon request, these additional services include:

Challenges in Urban Moving

FlatRate Moving has decades of experience which has led us to perfect the local moving process. Learning through experience has resulted in facing these challenges and crafting the perfect moving plan that provides solutions to them. Our team is professionally trained and accounts for all the relevant information that is specific to your move. A custom moving plan is then made in order to make your move as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Some of these urban moving challenges include:

  • Elevator restrictions: many buildings require designated time slots to be reserved for elevator access during a move.
  • Small elevators: make moving large amounts of inventory and large items a challenge and time consuming.
  • End of the month: at the end of the month many people are moving at the same time resulting in busy elevators and stairways. Reserving elevators in advance is highly recommended for your move.
  • COI building request: certification of insurance to ensure building management of proper insurance coverage in case of accidents or other incidents that may occur on property.
  • Small and more compact living spaces may require the use of a rig to move your items due to some of them not being able to fit into the building elevator or tight stairways.

Special Local Moving Services

No matter what your moving needs are, we are here to provide you with the best services. Additional, specialized local moving services are available to ensure all your moving needs are met.

These services include:

In addition to the specialized moving services listed above, FlatRate Moving can also handle any local moving requests or instructions you may have based on your moving needs. Contact a moving specialist to discuss further.

How to Choose a Great Local Moving Company

There are many local moving companies to choose from, but it is important to research and find one that best fits all your moving needs.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right moving company for you:

  • Look for a local moving company that is licensed and insured
  • Consider the company’s experience and reputation
  • Seek references from family members and friends
  • Consider a company’s pricing structure and whether a flat rate option in offered

Contact us today to schedule your move and experience a seamless transition to your new home.

Paying by the Hour vs Based on Inventory

When you are paying for a local move by the hour, a guaranteed price is not given. This can result in unexpected costs and fees once your move is completed. At FlatRate Moving we price your local move using the FlatRate Formula. The FlatRate Formula prices all-inclusive moves by:
  • Inventory: total cubic feet of your inventory
  • Distance: how far your are moving from origin to destination
  • Complexity: how simple or complicated moving your inventory may be due to weight, size or value of your belongings
By pricing based on inventory and the FlatRate Formula, we are able to offer a guaranteed flat rate price for your move with no unexpected hidden fees or costs. This includes travel expenses and labor. Pricing by the hour can:
  • Can be subject to change, adding additional costs that you didn’t expect
  • Does not have a guaranteed price
  • Can change due to travel expenses, parking tickets and more

Local Moving Services

Storage Units
In addition to our moving services, we provide secure, climate-controlled storage units all over the US. With our traditional all-inclusive price, FlatRate offers short term and long term storage options in a variety of unit sizes.
Packing & Unpacking
Professional packing is an art form. Because we care for your inventory, we have developed a process for making sure every packing job is done with the utmost care — we only use high-quality materials and the latest technology to streamline our packing process and make sure your move is easy and simple.
Art & Antiques
Your artwork is an investment and it needs particular attention. With our customized artwork packing, our expert art movers prepare and pack anything from paintings and large sculptures to complete art exhibitions — meeting all insurance requirements and assuring your antiques are highly protected.
TV & Audio Installation
Whether it's a coupler, a router or a sound system, our IT installation pros are always ready to help. Once you're installed in your new home, the FlatRate team can assist you with getting your electronics back online in no time.
Custom Crating & Carpentry
Sometimes special items require specialized packing — our Bronx-based wood shop can create custom storage and packing solutions built specifically to your individual needs. We provide custom crates for all kinds of antiques, sculptures, non-standard furniture, chandeliers and other unique items.
Box Delivery
FlatRate takes pride in only using top-tier packing materials. In need of more moving boxes or packing supplies? Contact us and get all the protection you need delivered to your doorstep.

Any special moving needs?

In addtion to the full range of local moving services listed above, we can also handle any special requests based on your needs — same-day move, fine arts packing, late-night service, to name a few — give us a call and a Relocation Specialist will be happy to discuss with you further!
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Our local offices

With offices in 9 cities, our team knows all the local laws and in-town routes to provide a stress-free move.
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Tips for a smooth move

Make Packing a Priority

Packing smart is key to a successful move. Start with decluttering then sort things out by categories — optimizing the space and organizing your boxes will make the process easier. Always buy high-quality materials to ensure your items get the protection they need but don't forget to check the stuff we always pack for you: FlatRate includes a list of items as part of our standard moving package.

Consider Delays and Traffic

Although FlatRate guarantees a smooth journey, some things are out of our control. Always take into consideration traffic, delays and other unforeseen circumstances when moving in and out of a city. A good way to prepare is researching the events in your location to assure no protests, parades or street-fairs will be happening that day.

Take Care of Building Requirements

Good planning is the basis of a stress-free move. After you complete your booking with FlatRate, make sure to reserve your building's elevator in advance, request a Certificate of Insurance and check if there are any other requirements you have to take care of prior to your moving day.