Efficient Relocation For All Types of Business

We know downtime means lost income so guaranteeing that your business runs smoothly while relocating is FlatRate’s top priority. With our detailed logistics, team of commercial movers, specialized services and unmatched packing expertise — FlatRate always plans, executes and delivers your commercial moving with perfection.

Commercial Moving Services We Offer

Office Moving
Moving into a new facility? FlatRate guarantees overnight relocation despite of your office’s size. Our commercial movers are specialized in logistics and will create a project schedule with floor plans and furniture placement while making sure none of your inventory is left behind.
Events Management
FlatRate understands that each event has specific requirements and it's important to work closely with the event planner. Flexible and detail-oriented, we offer set up and break down, item delivery according to the event's schedule and arrangement of all furniture & equipment based on the company's needs.
Commercial Storage
FlatRate offers both self-storage and full storage services for your documents, equipment and office supplies. With photo inventory and furniture retrieval, we have a variety of storage unit sizes available as well as short and long-term options. All storage rooms are private, clean and with 24/7 security.
With our hands-free warehousing services, your company can store inventory and have any furniture delivered upon request. Perfect for law firms, staging companies and event planning agencies, we work with flexible hours and coordinate with the customer to make sure everything is picked up and delivered according to their schedule.
Government & Military Moving
A trusted mover of U.S. government agencies, FlatRate proudly offers relocation services for military moving members around the U.S. and across the world.
Intergovernmental Organizations
The United Nations represents a global market for all types of products and services and FlatRate has been approved as a trusted moving company that helps relocate some of the world's most respected organizations.

How We Move Commercial

Office Moving

Rearrangement of your workstation

Organizing an office move can be stressful and we know that every item plays a role in your business. With custom floor plans, our team of commercial movers will tag and color-code your work stations so they can pack everything efficiently. Our team will also transport, unload and rearrange your desks, chairs, computers and office equipment however you like.

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An office filled with FlatRate boxes
FlatRate Movers participate in a book drive

Event Management

Special event setup

Need to make room for a cocktail bar, dance floor or reception area? Our commercial movers can transform any space into a party. We will study the building’s floor plan prior to the event and prioritize items for an efficient set up.

Commercial Storage

Delivery & Self-Pickup

With our commercial storage units, customers have the option to pick up their own items or request immediate delivery. Through MyFlatRate app, you can contact our team of commercial movers and we will grab exactly what you need in case you don’t have the time.

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A FlatRate storage container


Practical solutions & services

We understand our customer’s busy schedule and do our best to deliver convenient, hands-free service. With our warehousing storage we offer pickup, transportation, manufacturing and delivery — always providing industry-leading protection in the process.

Facility Moving

Smooth and quick relocation

Providing facility relocation, medical logistics and IT assistance at your request, we treat our commercial moving services with extra care and focus on maximizing business opportunities and maintaining continuity during the transition.

Government & Military

Trusted and certified by the U.S. Government

Serving the U.S. Department of Defense, we are honored to have the opportunity to help military families who are serving our country. Whether the move is local or international, FlatRate has the experience to safely relocate your family and your inventory.

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Always Included in Your Move

A project manager works at his desk

Project Manager

After our Onsite Supervisor completes a walk-through, your Project Manager will determine what services are required along with checking the loading docks and elevation restrictions.

A stack of calendars on a desk

Custom Schedule

Based on the information gathered by our Project Manager, our team will create a unique schedule and timeline tailored for your commercial move.

A stack of floor plans

Reviewed Floor Plans

Together with the customer, we will study and review both the building’s and the new location’s floor plan to decide where to place the new furniture ahead of time.

A FlatRate mover color codes furniture

Color-coded Inventory

Our team of commercial movers will create a color-coded inventory of your items to facilitate the tracking and rearrangement of your new office.

FlatRate Movers organize books

Quality Packing Services

As its always included in your commercial moving services, FlatRate will box and pack all paper files, documents, books, electronics, equipment and office supplies for you.

A pair of movers arrange a room

Highest Quality Material

Always using top-tier packing material, we will wrap and pack all office furniture, electronics and equipment in high-quality material.

Additional Services

Got special needs? We can take care of it for you. From overnight storage to IT installation, here is a list of exclusive services you can add on top of your Core Commercial Package when moving offices.

Overnight Storage

We will keep your items safe in short-term storage overnight until the new location is ready to receive your inventory.

Assembly & Disassembly

Our team of carpenters & commercial movers will be on-site to assist with the assembly and disassembly of furniture and complete installations.

Overnight Moving

Don’t want to waste any time? Our commercial movers can complete your move overnight so your office avoids closing during work hours.

IT Installation

FlatRate offers TV and electronic installations anytime, at your request.

What's best for my move?

Ready to relocate? Let us handle your next commercial move and find out why so many companies trust FlatRate to get the job done.
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Trusted & Certified at the Highest Level

Department of Defense Logo

US Military

Serving the U.S. Department of Defense for decades, FlatRate helps military families relocate whether the move is local or international.

United Nations Logo

United Nations

As an intergovernmental organization, the United Nations aims to maintain international peace and security. FlatRate has been approved as a trusted moving company to help relocate some of the world’s most renowned organizations.

General Services Administration logo

General Services Administration

GSA provides workplaces by constructing and preserving government buildings as well as leasing and managing commercial real estate. FlatRate has been appointed as the top choice when it comes to commercial moving.

Answers to All Your Commercial Moving Questions

Do you offer insurance for my items?

FlatRate offers several options of loss and damage coverage for your shipment — you can add coverage using MyFlatRate app or ask your Relocation Consultant prior to your move date.

How long does it generally take for my items to arrive?

Most of our shipments are between 7 to 14 days. With our express shuttles, we can move from NYC to Florida in 5 days and NYC to California in 10 days.

Do you call before delivery?

Yes, we will call 24 hours prior to delivery.