We Offer Several Types of High Performance Moving Vans & Trucks

Most moving truck services offer just a few van and truck sizes. FlatRate operates a wide variety of vans and trucks that will match your moving needs. Our trucks are inspected on a daily basis and professionally cleaned. As a leading in green technology, Much of FlatRate’s fleet of trucks operates with diesel particulate filters that reduce hydrocarbons by 50% and particulate matter by 90+% over the current 2004 emission standards.

Local Moving Trucks

Local Moving Fleet

Our Fleet of 16 to 20 foot moving trucks are the backbone of our local operation. Every truck can navigate almost any street and are all low emission trucks, perfect for navigating metropolitan areas.

Mid Sized Trucks

Mid Size Fleet

Our mid-sized fleet of trucks ranges from 22 to 28 feet. Though typically not used for dense metropolitan areas, this range of trucks can quickly transport your belongings throughout regional areas of the US.

Long Distance Moving Trailers

Long Distance Trailers

Our Long Distance fleet of trucks range from 48 to 53 feet and execute are weekly shuttles between major cities across the country. It allows FlatRate to move clients from NYC to California in as few as 7 days.

Specialty Moving Trucks

Specialty Trucks

FlatRate owns a number of specialty trucks for our Elite & Storage divisions. These trucks are climate controlled, dust free and durable. We rely on them for transporting fine art, high end furniture, and antiques.

Moving Vans & Cars

Vans & Cars

Through our fleet of vans and cars we are able to deliver boxes and packing materials throughout the city. It also allow us to deliver small furniture and have team members on the ground throughout the year to aid our movers and sales teams.