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Moving Is a Science

FlatRate was founded in NYC over 30 years ago and we never lost the notoriety and prominence that generations of New Yorkers have come to trust over the decades. Planning is key to our detailed process and our knowledge of the city is essential to our experienced methods.

The Complexity of Moving in New York

Moving to New York City can be exciting, but there are many complexities that can arise during the moving process that can make moving more complicated. Due to the limited space and smaller living styles, the process of moving personal belongings and furniture can be challenging.

Some of the challenges you can face during a New York City move are:

  • Specific moving restrictions
  • Permits and licenses: Access to elevators and stairways can be limited
  • Buildings may require a time slot reservation for access

It is important to hire a moving company that can seamlessly navigate you through the complex process of moving in NYC.

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NYC Special Building Requirements

Due to the limited space in New York City, many buildings have special requirements when it comes to moving.

Some common requirements include:

  • Elevator restrictions: many buildings require you to reserve a specific time to use the elevators that won’t cause too much disruption for residents
  • Service elevator: some buildings will require you to use a service elevator that needs to be reserved in advance
  • Weekend moving time limitations: some buildings limit the hours during which moves can take place on weekends to avoid disruption
  • Prior scheduling/notice of the move: building management may require notice of a move in order to schedule elevator or stair access for you
  • Parking restrictions: due to limited street space there are regulations on where moving trucks or vans can be parked

Depending on the building and its management policies, these requirements can vary.

What is an All Certified, Insured and Fully Complied Moving Company in NYC

When moving in NYC it is important to choose a moving company that is certified, insured and fully compliant.

Here’s what to expect from companies in compliance:

  • All of the necessary certifications and licenses required by the state and federal government to operate legally as a moving company
  • A company has met all of the regulatory standards and requirements for safety, security and quality.
  • Full insurance coverage for a moving company’s day to day operations to ensure that in the event of an accident or damage during the moving process, the company and its clients are fully protected and compensated.

Full compliance from the moving company with these regulations is imperative to ensure a smooth and safe move.

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Moving Companies in NYC

New York City has many moving companies to choose from that range in moving services and solutions.

Here are some tips on how to find a moving company that best fits your specific moving needs:

  • New York City has many moving companies to choose from that range in moving services and solutions. Here are some tips on how to find a moving company that best fits your specific moving needs:
    1. By the hour: the cost of the moving service based on time spent on the job
    2. All-inclusive flat rate: the move is priced based on inventory, distance and complexity of the move resulting in a guaranteed price with no hidden fees
  • Seek family members and friends moving company recommendations
  • Look at online reviews but remember online reviews are not always accurate

FlatRate Moving has been a trusted moving partner in New York City for over 30 years. With all-inclusive flat rate pricing you can rest assured there will be no surprise fees. FlatRate Moving offers fully customizable moving and storage solutions that can cater to any moving need no matter how big or small.

How Our Team Makes a Move Successful

FlatRate Moving has a team of highly professional and experienced movers. With top of the line training and excellent communication, you can rest assured your moving experience will be efficient and seamless.

Here are some of the things that helps make every FlatRate move a success:

  • Proper planning: from start to finish each step of your move is planned in great detail
  • Fully customizable moving solutions: All moving solutions are easily adaptable to any of your moving needs
  • High quality packing materials and boxes: to ensure your items are safe and secure during transportation

All of these details contribute to making your move stress-free and seamless from start to finish.

What’s the Average Duration of a Move in NYC?

The average duration of a move in NYC can depend greatly on various factors that contribute to its complexity. However, one of the most important and straight-forward factors to consider is apartment size. Here is a table of moving time estimates based on apartment size:

Apartment Size

Average Move Duration

Studio or one-bedroom (300-600 sq. ft.)

2-4 hours

Two-bedroom (600-1000 sq. ft.)

4-6 hours

Three-bedroom (1000-1500 sq. ft.)

6-8 hours

Four-bedroom (1500-2000 sq. ft.)

8-10 hours
These are just estimated times. Actual moving time will vary based on your specific moving needs such as the distance between locations, the amount of items being moved, traffic and more. Always consult with a professional moving company for a more accurate estimate based on your specific moving needs.

How to Save on Your Move in NYC

Moving in New York City can be expensive, but here are some ways you can save on your move:
  • Planning ahead is the first step to saving: this will give you time to research and find the best deals on moving supplies, rental trucks and moving services.
  • Decluttering and selling items you don’t need: an efficient way to help save.
  • Making and sticking to a clear budget: stay on track.
  • Research and get quotes from a few different moving companies: compare pricing and deals.
  • Moving during the off season (fall or winter) and avoiding moving on weekends: save you from higher moving rates
Moreover, being certain that your moving company has the appropriate licenses and certifications will help prevent any unexpected expenses that may pop-up from a less compliant company!
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NYC Special Offer:

  • Free services for non-profits (by request)
  • 1 month free storage
  • Virtual consultation
  • Live streamed moving


Best Time of Year to Move to NYC

If you’re planning on moving to New York City shortly, you are likely filled with excitement. The pizza, Central Park, art galleries, museums, and the shows on Broadway will send your imagination soaring.

Why Choose FlatRate?

Honest Price
The first moving company in NYC to offer all-inclusive, flat-rate pricing, we believe transparency and planning are key to a successful move.
Upscale Service
With 28 years of experience, our work goes beyond just packing and moving — we offer exceptional service from the moment you request a free quote to delivering your items safely.
Team of Experts
We provide a project manager and create a custom time frame for every move. Your moving manager will create a list of tasks and will work closely with you until the job is done.
High-Tech Tools
Technology drives quality and we have the tools to provide a guaranteed, stress-free move. With our app and truck tracking, we offer smooth operations and real-time updates.
Top-Tier Materials
We only use the best packing materials — high-quality blankets, boxes, tapes – and our crew undergoes constant training and development to always ensure a safe and easy move.
My FlatRate App
Through our app, we provide digital inventories of all items being handled so you can rest knowing nothing is left behind. In case you need to use one of our storage facilities, we can deliver items back to you as you request them.

Easy Storage Solutions

In addition to our moving services, we provide secure, climate-controlled storage units all over the city — offering our traditional flat-rate price, for as long as you need.


Patrick V.
New York • February 5, 2024

This was by far the best move I’ve encountered. Glad I used this company. They were on time. Moved everything without drama and were careful and polite.

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