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Since the 1960s, the East Village has been home to numerous artists, musicians, and students. Though much of New York is diverse, the East Village is more so than others. Here you’ll find affordable housing, diverse restaurant choices, and numerous night scenes that attract multiple different groups of people.

High competition

Currently, there is an effort by residents to keep developers from modernizing the area, which is a double-edged sword. Parking is always an issue, and there is high competition for housing because of the area’s growing popularity. You’ll want to choose a mover in NYC that can easily navigate traffic and find the best parking spaces in your area.

Main challenges of moving in the East Village

Walk up Building
Narrow Stairs
Building Restrictions

How FlatRate solves the challenges

Experienced Movers
Experienced Teams
Efficient Teams

Moving in one day

If you find a place but you’re short on time, hiring professional movers in NYC like FlatRate can help you with your moving and storage solutions and get you into your dream home all in one day.