The Safest Way to Move & Store Your Items

At FlatRate, moving and storage go hand-in-hand. If you are familiar with our moving services then you already appreciate our straightforward approach. We have earned a reputation you can feel good about trusting.

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Why Choose FlatRate Storage Units?

  • 24-hour security
  • Climate-controlled storage units available for temperature-sensitive items
  • Photo inventory provides peace-of-mind
  • Barcodes and electronic verification for all items.
  • Private indoor access for increased security
  • Designer storage rooms are available
  • FlatRate owns and operates all of our facilities
  • We make it easy.
Your room might change but the price will not

Storage Prices that Never Change

We base our price on the items you have, not on how they fit into a particular room. You won’t have to pay more for a bigger room if you don’t need it. See our storage unit sizes.

Hands Free Moving & Storage Services

On Demand Delivery from/to Your Door

Let FlatRate do all the heavy lifting. Our hands-free service arrives at your door with boxes, shrink-wrapping, and itemized bar codes to ensure a precise inventory of all your things—and safe transport to the storage space. You will have a private room, and you will never need to visit the facility, unless you want to!

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Damage Prevention

FlatRate ensures your valuable items will not get damaged over time. Our short-term and long-term storage rooms have temperature and humidity controls to protect your items from deterioration due to climate changes. When we provide a complete service of moving & storage, all items are double wrapped to prevent any dust accumulation and provide extra protection during the move into storage.

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Long-term Storage

Going abroad? You may have valuable keepsakes you want protected or simply do not have space for all your furniture – but you don’t have the heart to part with it. FlatRate’s specialized long-term storage units were built for this kind of needs.

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Short-term Storage

As the seasons change, so do the items that you need to access. With short-term storage, you can keep your seasonal items within reach without all the clutter under your roof. Trade out your bathing suits and towels for long johns and coats when it starts to cool off. Then, as soon as it warms up, enjoy easy access to all your summer items again!

You might need short-term storage if:

  • You’re renovating your home and need a place to put some of your items.
  • You’re planning a move but you are renting until you find the perfect new space