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Latest Community Work

Thanksgiving is about giving back here at FlatRate

Our team helped deliver 17 pallets of food to the Sparta Food Bank as part of our partnership with Move For Hunger — a partnership we are dedicated to supporting year-round.

Thank you to all who have donated! Let’s keep supporting our community.

FlatRate mover delivers pallets of food

Our Community is Our Priority

At FlatRate, our community is the core of our company. Over the years we have partnered with a series of brands and participate in many meaningful charity events and causes, keeping the sense of community a crucial component of the FlatRate ethos.


winter coats delivered to families in need, in partnership with New York Care's winter coat drive program.


non-profit organizations we partner with – and growing every year.


annual charity events helping individual members and small business

Our Community Programs

Feeding NYC

Every Thanksgiving, the FlatRate team allies with Feeding NYC to hand-deliver complete meals to families in need in the city — keeping the spirit and tradition of Thanksgiving alive while giving back to our local community.

Upcycle logo

Upcycling Program

Our upcycling program makes moving more meaningful by arranging donations to the Salvation Army. With every FlatRate move, we provide our customers with extra boxes free of charge so they can separate items that they wish to donate. After the move is complete, FlatRate will deliver the UpCycle boxes to Salvation Army directly.

Move for Hunger logo

Move for Hunger

With the help and support of Move for Hunger, the FlatRate team is able to make a difference in our own community by collecting non-perishable food items and delivering it to food banks all across North America — helping the company collect up to 13 millions lb of food.

FlatRate in Puerto Rico

Supplies for Puerto Rico

Giving back to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, our team of employees transported items and supplies in our own trucks on a weekly basis to help with hurricane relief efforts. With the help of JetBlue planes that weekly traveled from a donation center to Puerto Rico, FlatRate had the amazing experience and opportunity to help thousands of people after the tragedy.

Salvation Army logo

Salvation Army

A perfect opportunity to reconsider the items you need, FlatRate has teamed up with Salvation Army to transport boxes for our UpCycle distribution. Always keeping your inventory in mind, we help you donate the items that don’t serve you anymore to someone in need.

New York Cares logo

New York Cares

New York Cares is the largest volunteer network in NYC, with thousands of opportunities with nonprofits in all boroughs. Over the decades, FlatRate and New York Cares have teamed up to donate over 100,000+ winter coats to families in the city, helping our local community battle long winters for years.

One Block Organization Logo

One Block

One Block is a non-profit that employs full-time workers, who were formerly homeless, to fill 1000 bags of trash a week on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and also facilitates volunteer opportunities for schools, corporations, and religious organizations.

In the News & Press

FlatRate initiates Supplies for Puerto Rico

Oct 12, 2017

To help with the Hurricane Maria relief efforts, our employees and trucks transported items and supplies every week from The Maurice Sandak Community School to a non-profit donation center where supplies were loaded onto JetBlue planes and sent to Puerto Rico. It was truly a special experience to be able to give back to Puerto Rico this way.

Moving company, Salvation Army team up for donations

News 12 The Bronx

Flatrate Moving will provide its customers with two boxes to store unwanted clothing, toys or appliances.

Partner With Us, Make a Difference.

If you have a non-profit organization or charity and need assistance we might be able to help. When we are able we are happy to provide our trucks, boxes, and moving assistance from our team in order to make a difference with your cause.

Please fill out this contact form with a brief description of your organization so we can be in touch and find out how we can work together to give back to our community.

Thank you for getting in touch.

We will contact you soon to discuss in more detail about your project and partnership,
generally within 1 day during our office hours.